Wrestling Penn State vs. Ohio State Dual Thread (2/3/23)



125 Gary Steen Fr. Hermitage, Pa./Reynolds 5-9

133 #1 Roman Bravo-Young Sr.+ Tucson, Ariz./Sunnyside 10-0

141 #5 Beau Bartlett Jr. Tempe, Ariz./Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 14-1

149 #13 Shayne Van Ness Fr. Somerville, N.J./Blair Academy 11-3

157 #9 Levi Haines Fr. Arendtsville, Pa./Biglerville 13-1

165 #8 Alex Facundo Fr. Essexville, Mich./Davison 11-2

174 #1 Carter Starocci Jr. Erie, Pa./Cathedral Prep 11-0

184 #1 Aaron Brooks Sr. Hagerstown, Md./North Hagerstown 7-1

197 #4 Max Dean Sr. Lowell, Mich./Lowell 13-2

285 #2 Greg Kerkvliet Jr. Inver Grove Heights, Minn./Simley 9-1



125 #10 Malik Heinselman Sr. Castle Rock, Colo./Castle View 18-2

133 #9 Jesse Mendez Fr. Crown Point, Ind./Crown Point 11-1

141 #19 Dylan D’Emilio Jr. Curtice, Ohio/Genoa 12-7

149 #3 Sammy Sasso Sr. Nazareth, Pa./Nazareth 18-3

157 #25 Paddy Gallagher Fr. Chesterfield, Ohio/St. Edward 8-4

165 #12 Carson Kharchla Jr. Powell, Ohio/Olentangy 8-3

174 #7 Ethan Smith Sr. Latrobe, Pa./Sparrows Point (Md.) 14-4

184 #5 Kaleb Romero Sr. Mechanicsburg, Ohio/Mechanicsburg 19-3

197 #17 Gavin Hoffman Sr. Montoursville, Pa./Montoursville 15-4

285 #18 Tate Orndorff Sr. Spokane, Wash./University 9-4

Wrestling: Penn State vs. Iowa Match Thread

Under 90 mins to go, let’s get the chatter going . . .

• Television coverage on BTN @ 8:30 PM
• Radio coverage via LionVision
I’m a few beers in already
• johnstown picked Lar up at the airport and got him to SC safely (and with a whole new perspective on the value of NLWC to Olympic hopefuls)
• Pregaming w/ Wino is a smashing success

The table is set. Let’s put the kiddies to bed and go looking for dinner.

Young Guns half way grade

To start, it's unfair and inappropriate to use Bo and Nolf as benchmarks. At this level any young wrestler who can compete for an AA is a success, and whets the appetite for the future.

Beau - He is noticeably stronger and a bit more aggressive. Some takedowns and his reattacks look almost as quick as RBYs. The only thing between him and a high AA is his level of confidence, a far too conservative gameplan, and a noticeable lack of aggression versus top competition. He is far and away the veteran of the group, so we can assume his development from here forward on a slight lower trajectory than the rest, which affects his grade slightly. I am pleased with where he is at. B+

- Admittedly, pre-season 'my' expectations for him given his petigre and small sample size last year, was the highest of the 4. It seems his results so far are the lowest of the 4. An unfair comparison, but his development ramp is far less impressive than Levi. It looks like he will need another year to reveal how far Cael can take him in this program. Career AA is a slam dunk, which is outstanding, but National champion caliber is too early to tell. The gap vs top tier competition is more apparent than the other 4. I think he will get there next year, but this year an AA is not guaranteed. B

- Many of you had lofty expectations for Levi coming into the year. With Levi being the youngest of the 4 as a true freshman, my thoughts were much more measured, and expectations lower. In time the RS just had to come off given his rapid development. He is a legit National champion contender already, and continues to display progress nearly every time out. The sky is the limit with this kid. A+

- Alex can roll with anyone. His elite defense will keep him in nearly any match. He is cat quick for his size and has an obvious feel for the craft that you can't teach. His neutral game displays strong skills when he chooses to pull the trigger, but overall inconsistent. His game planning is too conservative to beat the best at this weight class with any consistency. He needs more work from top and bottom. Overall I think he is on plan, and could be a really dominant hammer out of the gate next year. A

I'll take 4 grades like that anytime. These kids will certainly soften the blow of losing 2 national champs next year, and with the new blood coming in we should be in a strong position. With a little injury luck, or portal help at the lower weights we are the team to beat going forward with some margin, even with the lineup tOSU has built. Overall grade for the young guns as a collective at the half way point. A pretty solid A

Thoughts, agreement, disagreement?

Next up Ohio State: most intriguing matchup…

A lot of potentially exciting bouts this week including SVN-Sasso, RBY-Mendez, Beau-D’Emilo, Dean-Hoffman, Brooks-Romero and more.

The one I’m most excited to see is Facundo-Kharchla. Really curious to see how Alex responds after his loss v Kennedy. Kharchla is a strong kid with some big wins in the past, but also has some real holes in his skillset. I think Alex will be a bit more aggressive on offense, scoring on a duck or ankle pick to win by 1 or 2. What do others think? Predictions? How will the match go?


IT’s IOWA WEEK!! 2023 Edition

Almoat 12 years ago, something magical happened . . .


. . . and a Giant Was Awoken, an intense Rivalry born.

There was a Gorilla Hulk, a Unicorn, a Q and, of course, The Truth. Supported by a Mega and some Hulk Hands, a Dynasty was in the making.

The Rival claimed it was a flash in the pan, that We would fall back to the pack. But Three Nasties were on the way. And The Coach said, “Let there be PAIN.”


The Team went on a tear and caused much despair, as its Rival looked helplessly on. It had no answer.


Meatball was Trippin’, The Wolf and Raptor were Feastin’, Wreck Hall was Rockin’ . . . and more Championships came.

The Rival once again claimed it would all come crashing down. The Bonus Machine would graduate, making It their time to shine.

But Toes would be Tweaked.


Riddles would be Solved.


A Star would be Born.


And a Spotlight Stolen.


Flustered, the Rival could only utter, “No mas! No mas!”


As we begin IOWA WEEK 2023, take a moment to remember all the joy the PENN STATE program has brought to its hungry fans, all the thrills of a heated Rivalry . . . and that We continue to Reload.

The Beatings Shall Continue Until Morale Improves.

We Are . . . Nittany Nation! 😉

Facundo #5 in Flo rankings

Facundo jumps all the way to number 5! Probably the right call with Amine beating Hamiti and Karchla being hurt for a long time but it seems like a big jump. His Iowa opponent Kennedy drops 1 spot to number 11

Also, Levi Haines moves up quite a bit but only to number 12 because of his loss to Zerban. Lewan drops to 8