1. slushhead

    Kemerer update

    State of Confusion – Aging Iowa Hawkeye Wrestler to Retire Midseason January 5, 2022 Iowa City – Dramatic controversy continued to plague the Iowa Hawkeye wrestling program over New Year’s Weekend. Besides the bombshell announcement that 3-time defending national champion Spencer Lee’s...
  2. slushhead

    NCAA Investigation into Cy-Hawk Fight

    ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ – NCAA Concludes Investigation of Wresting Melee in Ames, Iowa Collin Maguire/Iowa State Daily December 7, 2021 Indianapolis – The NCAA has completed its investigation of the bizarre scuffle that broke out between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones wrestling...
  3. slushhead

    B1G wrestling coverage in trouble

    Big Ten Network Sued by Major Insurance Companies September 18, 2021 Chicago, IL – College wrestling fans across the country may be dealt yet another blow to their hopes of enjoying their favorite sport during the recent era of the coronavirus pandemic. After a cancellation of the national...