2022 USAW Last Chance Qualifier


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Jun 28, 2017
Finals Matchups and some interesting Scores:

125Kg. Derek White vs Lewis Fernandes ( Cornell ) Both wrestlers dominated to get to the Finals
97Kg. Jason Carter looks to be the winner of the 3 Man Round Robin
92Kg. Nate Jackson vs Patrick Davis. Both wrestlers teched their way to the finals
86Kg. Jonathon Loew (Cornell) vs Andrew Morgan. Morgan beat Chris Foca ( Cornell) 10-10 in the Semis
79Kg. Isiah Martinez vs Devin Skatzka. Martinez beat Muhamed McBride 7-5 in the Semis
74Kg. Joey Lavallee vs Elroy Perkins. Perkins beat Julian Ramirez of Cornell 13-12 in the Semis
70Kg. Jarod Verkleeren vs Top-Ranked Christian Monserrat. Jarod came from behind to beat Mike VanBrill 6-4 in the Semis.
65 Kg. Brock Zacherl vs Josh Saunders (Cornell). Zacherl beat Carmen Ferrante 2-1 in the quarters and teched in Semis. Saunders beat Sammy Alvarez 9-6 in the Semis.
61Kg. Nasir Bailey vs Shelton Mack
57Kg. Tim Levine vs Nicholas Babin

57Kg. Levine over Babin 10-0
61Kg. Mack over Bailey 3-3. High Schooler Bailey was ahead 4-3 with 3 sec. left but a challenge was successful and he lost by criteria. Long challenge.
65Kg. Saunders over Zacherl 7-6. Leading 6-5 with 8 seconds remaining and no warnings Zacherl allowed a go-behind with 3 sec. left. Weird
70Kg. Verkleeren over Monserrat 10-1. Close match until the end when Verk got a Duck-under and two turns. A failed challenge on a Push out at 3-1 gave Verk a 4-1 lead. Weird
74Kg. Joey Lavallee with a 27 sec. tech over Perkins 11-0
79Kg. Martinez over Skatzka 14-3
86Kg. Morgan over Loew 10-8. Entertaining Bout
92Kg. Jackson over Davis 10-0 in about a minute
97Kg. Carter wins the Round Robin
125 Kg. White over Fernandes 4-1. Fernandes looks noticeably larger than in March.

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Jul 12, 2013
Hard to believe IMar needs this.
Couple years ago he took one from JB at Final X.
He's just not in peak shape, was crushing McFadden when he got cradled and pinned. Was up 7-0 on McBride when he squeaked out a 7-5 win. Always up big in the first and fades...


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Jul 27, 2012
Lots of landmines for Martinez.