Are there any leaders at the top of Penn State?


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Aug 5, 2017
One is needed to assemble an exit strategy from the current football regime. Pronto.

$72 million buyout? Get creative and figure out a way. Other teams with less access to athletic wealth do it - it’s our turn. We need to clean up the Barbour/Barren mess. Those two grotesque incompetents have ruined our schools academic standing and flagship athletic program. Name buildings after them? Pathetic! They have done incredible damage to Penn State! Shame on those enablers. I am looking at you Brandon Short, etc. Shame!

Send Franklin packing. Give Manny the helm on an interim basis. And start dialog with Rhule right away.

Soon any memory of Penn State’s brand of smart, tough, classy, and WINNING football will fade away. Restoration needs to start tomorrow.