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Jul 16, 2001
Buddy Ryan created the 46 defense. Great to stop run. You cover every OL. We don’t have the personnel to do that.

But, Bill Belichick uses a variation of that defense in short yardage. He brings 5th DL in and puts him right over the C. DT’s and DE’s cover the other OL. Can’t double team or pull. Penetration would disrupt play.

Franklin’s predecessor who is only good at smashing windows and power point presentations. Realized Wisky and Montee Ball were going to run us off the field in 2012. He adjusted at halftime and a bunch of f’ers pulled the upset.

We should have done that against Illinois last year. We’d have beaten them. And, yesterday. We probably don’t win. Offense isn’t any good either. But, it would have kept us in the game IMO. We didn’t have to be fearful of UM’s downfield passing game.

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