Critical Bridge between Russia and Crimea blows up.

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Nov 27, 2012
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A bridge that was christened by Putin in 2018 blew up and was seriously damaged. It is a critical supply route for all of Crimea and the war effort in Ukraine.

A tanker truck blew on the bridge as a train was passing and three fuel cars of the train also blew, collapsing two lanes of road, damaging the other two lanes and the train rails.

Ukraine didn’t take credit for the explosion but quickly released a new postage stamp showing the bridge in flames and also released a video of the bridge on fire juxtaposed with a video of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday. Friday was Putin’s birthday.

Couple this with the battlefield losses in Ukraine. The Ukes have recaptured Lyman and made significant advances in the Kershon Oblast, which was defended by Russian troops that were considered elite forces including paratroopers and top tank units.

Additionally, the partial mobilization in Russia has led to widespread protests and thousands of people fleeing the country. There also appears to be serious division within the Kremlin and the Russian mil blogger community.
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