Democrats abort abortion message, turn to fear mongering


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Aug 20, 2003
Democrats simply are not fit to lead. Funny article.....

It was supposed to be all about abortion. They told us that was going to bring the big blue wave.

But, it turns out, normal people don’t fill up their trucks with abortions at $4 a gallon. And moms don’t spend $300 every week on grocery carts full of abortions. Abortion doesn’t save you from getting mugged walking down the street.

So the memo went out last week to Democrat politicians that abortion enthusiasm was not translating into votes for them.

“Quick! Let’s talk about something else!” said somebody in Democrat headquarters.

“OK, good idea. But what?”

“I don’t know! Let’s start talking about something voters care about.”

Long silence.

“Does anybody know what these people care about?”


“No, you idiot! That’s not working. Something else.”

Another long silence.

“I saw on Twitter somebody said they care about the economy.”

“You dummy! We can’t talk about the economy! Remember? We totally wrecked the economy! What do you think we’ve been doing these past two years while in total control of Washington?”

“Uh, how about gas prices?”

“No! We already yelled at them about that and told them to buy $70,000 electric cars. And they’re not listening.”

“What if we said Republicans are going to take away their Social Security checks?”

“Great idea!”

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