How the Democrats Lost the Middle Class


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Aug 20, 2003
Tuck and tape. Blaming a rape victim. Shaming her parents..... Democrats are f'ing sick.

What is driving the defection of working, middle-class voters—who make up the majority of the electorate—from the Democratic Party? The answer: Democrats' priorities are substantially out-of-touch with this group specifically, and with those of the largely populist American electorate generally.

These are the findings of a new national survey. The poll, which measured the core values and beliefs of 900 likely midterm election voters, found that nearly 70 percent of the electorate embraces a populist outlook, either fully or partially, which is grounded in a desire for politicians to focus on the most immediate barriers to individual advancement.

These voters are most concerned with skyrocketing prices, the looming recession, and rising crime. They also view uncontrolled immigration as a major concern, and see it as intertwined with crime rates.
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