"I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach"


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Aug 20, 2003
That didn't work out too well. You think the left would learn from it, but nooooooooooooooooo...

Democrats' support for school closings comes back to bite​


Much of blue America, which kept schools remote or hybrid for the 2020-2021 school year, conducted an unprecedented "social experiment" on children, resorting to lengthy school closures for millions of children -- a tactic not used during other national emergencies or previous pandemics.

Now, the results are in from the "social experiment" and they are very, very bad, and the people who supported closures are finally ready to talk about it.

"Remote learning was a failure," wrote David Leonhardt of The New York Times, describing the consensus of researchers and the findings of a new study out of Harvard's Center for Education Policy Research, which compared pre-pandemic scores on a particular national test (MAP) in 49 states and Washington, DC, to pandemic-era scores in high- and low-income districts, in-person, hybrid and virtual learning.

"The main effects of hybrid and remote instruction are negative, implying that even at low-poverty (high income) schools, students fell behind growth expectations when their schools went remote or hybrid," the study authors write. But they fared better than students already at a disadvantage.

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