In appreciation of Patrick Kraft

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Jun 26, 2001
As a season ticket holder since 1987, I appreciate Patrick Kraft and how much he has improved the game day experience for fans. We finally have competent people at the gates and even before Ohio St or Minnesota game we could get into game within 10 min of leaving tailgate. He brought beer into Beaver Stadium which has improved the fan experience without any of the issues people worried about. He brought back Guido, the mastermind of Whiteout and Seven Nation Army and basically revolutionized American college and NFL stadium experience by having others copy what he brought from Europe and Canada. And yes, this has brought Joepa back more and more in pregame intros and I can’t wait for Guido’s Senior game stuff. I will cheer for Sean and seniors as I do every year (please no booing), and with Sean I cheer for his grit and service, and equally for the Allar era which I know Sean is also excited for!!

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