Interesting article about the NY Post regarding Facebook and the FBI


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Aug 21, 2001
of course, we know the FBI spiked the Hunter Biden story. it brings up some great points.

In warning Facebook to spike the HB laptop story, they did so BEFORE the NY Post published the story. So how did they know about it? Secondly, they were spying on Rudy Guiliani starting in May 2019. Why? They said it was in potential violation of the FARA act (foreign agents). Anyone who travels abroad can be easily accused of FARA.

Aside from the article, it is pretty clear what is going on to Obliviax. Democrats simply dominate cities. And that is where the prosecutors, DAs, and judges are that run this stuff. You don't need to get a conviction, you just need to wear people out, get enough information for a grand jury, and an indictment. These you can do to a peanut butter sandwich. These events are simply "night of the long knives" style politics where you simply kill off the competition. Since they cannot win on the issues, they are doing some really despicable stuff.


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