Lanny Davis: "Crime?, what crime?"


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Nov 26, 2010
LOL... Statistics lie..........

I hope this guy gets mugged and beaten by his leftwing buddies.

Davis: On the crime issue: ‘The Republicans are lying — and they know they are lying’​
Lying Lanny resurfaces again. I thought he was thoroughly and completely discredited years ago and went away. He’s like Hillary Clinton, they come out of the wood work and they never seem to go away.


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Aug 20, 2003
New Democratic strategy before the midterm elections: Deny crime exists

But there’s still one more tactic that liberals can always be counted on to use: call opponents racist for bringing up crime.

“I think it's really just coded language, and it's not uncommon,” University of Florida political scientist Sharon Wright told U.S. News & World Report when asked about Republicans running on an anti-crime platform. Wright, according to the U.S. News paraphrase, said the anti-crime messaging is “about race and tapping suburbanites' fears about black criminals coming into their communities, even if that fear is unfounded.”

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