Listen to a special "Phil Grosz's Take on Penn State Football" on the Pa. Sports Network" from 10 to 12-noon Saturday morning.


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May 29, 2001
Join former BWI Publisher Phil Grosz with host Jed Donahue for a special "Phil's Take on Penn State Football" on the Pa. Sports Network live from the network's new home studio in Oil City. Phil will be on the show from 10 to 12-noon by phone hookup. Audio files of the Saturday's show will be posted here in the Lions Den Saturday afternoon before the start of the Penn State-Maryland broadcast at 3:30 PM on FS1.

Phil and Jed will discuss in detail Penn State's game with Maryland. We'll also analyze the key matchups in the game, look at the BIG football schedule for the weekend and answer any questions texted to us by our listening audience about any aspect of the Penn State football program.

Here is the way to get in touch with your questions on Saturday's show. You can contact Phil and Jed with your question by texting the show at 717-348-2369. The new 800-line still has not been installed by Comcast. Until then just text your question for Phil and Jed at 717-348-2369 and both guys will be able to answer any questions you might have about the Penn State football program.

Jed Donahue will be hosting the show from 8 AM until 12-noon.

To listen to the show logon to the Fox Sports Listen Live Stream link at http://ilovemix96 listed directly below:

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