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Feb 6, 2014
Trump Jr. pitched 'very simple' plan to White House to overturn 2020 election
Brandi Buchman


In a series of messages exclusively obtained and reviewed by CNN on Friday, Donald Trump Jr. reportedly sent texts to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows with ideas about how his father, Donald Trump, could stay in power even before the official results of the 2020 election were called.

“It’s very simple. We have multiple paths. We control them all,” Trump Jr. reportedly wrote to Meadows on Nov. 5, 2020. President-elect Joe Biden would not be declared the official winner until Nov. 7.

Alan Futerfas, an attorney for the president’s eldest son, told CNN the message to Meadows was a forward. Incidentally, when the Jan. 6 committee exposed text messages sent by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio to Mark Meadows, Jordan said the same had occurred.

“After the election, Don received numerous messages from supporters and others. Given the date, this message likely originated from someone else and was forwarded,” Futerfas said.
According to CNN, the Nov. 5 text from Trump Jr. echoed similar strategies put forward by election subversion strategist and conservative attorney John Eastman. Eastman urged the Trump White House to have then-Vice President Mike Pence stop the counting of electoral votes and consider “alternate electors” for Trump. In Trump Jr.’s reported text, he too said that key battleground states must be recounted and recertified with “Trump electors.”

“Republicans control 28 states Democrats 22 states. Once again Trump wins,” the message said. “We either have a vote WE control and WE win OR it gets kicked to Congress 6 January 2021.”

If the alternate elector bid didn’t work, Trump Jr. made the baldly unconstitutional proposal that Congress simply hold a vote on Jan. 6 to reinstall Trump.

“We have operational control Total leverage. Moral High Ground POTUS must start 2nd term now,” Trump Jr. wrote. [Punctuation original]

He also allegedly called for FBI Director Christopher Wray and Anthony Fauci, Trump’s White House adviser on the pandemic, to be fired.

The president’s son wanted Ric Grenell to replace Wray despite having zero experience and Attorney General Bill Barr to serve as a “special prosecutor on HardDrivefromHell Biden crime family,” the text shows

Barr ultimately refused to investigate the Bidens. He resigned about a month after Trump Jr’s text. Notably, Barr did not find fraud had occurred in the 2020 election.

It is unclear if the Jan. 6 Committee had previously obtained the text messages reported on by CNN. A spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment Friday.

BUSTED! Donald Trump Jr Texted Mark Meadows With Illegal Schemes to Overturn the Election
News Corpse


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Feb 6, 2014

Proud Boys leader admits plan to storm Capitol and will testify against others

In a newly filed statement of offense, prosecutors said that [Proud Boys leader] “Donohoe understood that the purpose of the rally in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, was to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote.” The “MOSD” leadership was broken into a three-person “marketing” council, to recruit more members, and an “operations” group. Donohoe was part of the marketing group, the statement of offense says, and it soon expanded to at least 65 members.

As early as Jan. 4, prosecutors said, “Donohoe was aware that members of MOSD leadership were discussing the possibility of storming the Capitol. Donohoe believed that storming the Capitol would achieve the group’s goal of stopping the government from carrying out the transfer of presidential power. Donohoe understood that storming the Capitol would be illegal.”....

Proud Boys fold like a cheap suit, Oath Keepers raked by judge on way to trial
Brandi Buchman

In one courtroom in Washington, D.C., on Friday, a leader of the neofascist, pro-Trump Proud Boys, Charles Donohoe, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct the 2020 election and assaulting a police officer during the melee at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

In another courtroom just nearby, nearly a dozen members of the Oath Keepers listened in as a federal judge gave the extremist group’s defense attorneys a heaping dose of reality as they—and the nation—careen toward a historic seditious conspiracy trial later this year.
Proud Boy enters guilty plea, others follow

Donohoe, 34, is just the latest member of the Proud Boys to flip on his friends in the face of jail time. Once the leader of the network’s North Carolina chapter, Donohoe could receive up to seven years at sentencing. As a part of his plea agreement, he must cooperate with the Justice Department’s massive probe of Jan. 6 on their command.

Charles Donohoe Plea Agreement by Daily Kos on Scribd

According to court records, Donohoe admitted that around Dec. 19, 2020, Proud Boys leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio enlisted him into a special division of the group known as the Ministry of Self Defense.

It would focus on planning and executing national rallies, and communication was hot and heavy through messaging apps like Telegram.

Donohoe said that under Tarrio’s leadership, he and co-defendants Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, and Zachary Rehl were given a series of tasks aimed at stopping the certification of the election by Congress on Jan. 6.

Tarrio, Nordean, Biggs, and Rehl vow they are not guilty.

But according to Donohoe, it was up to him to recruit new members for the Proud Boys’ Jan. 6 mission, and just after Christmas, it was Tarrio’s warnings about the “D.C. government” that he reposted in their group chat.

The message suggested Congress was preparing to “limit access to Washington on Jan. 6” in order to “deny [that] Trump has the people’s support,” court records show.

“We can’t let them succeed. This government is run FOR the people, BY the people… Congress needs a reintroduction to that fact,” Donohoe wrote on Dec. 27.

By Jan. 4, Donohoe knew the Proud Boys were discussing storming the Capitol though he had yet to make a decision about whether he would come to D.C. to help.

US v Donohoe Statement of Offense by Daily Kos on Scribd

But when he learned Tarrio had been arrested, that sealed it.

Tarrio had an outstanding warrant following his Dec. 12, 2020, theft and burning of a Black Lives Matter banner from a D.C. church. He told police he was in town to sell a Jan. 6 rally-goer a pair of empty magazines for high-capacity firearms.

Donohoe created a “New MOSD Leaders Group” after the ringleader’s arrest and told other Proud Boy leaders to clear their chat history and hide any trace of plans to stop the count. Shortly after, he “nuked” that messaging group and created another.

In the new group, Donohoe wrote he was worried “gang charges” could be brought against them all after Tarrio was picked up. He texted members to “stop everything immediately.”

“This comes from the top,” Donohoe wrote.

But by 9:17 P.M. on Jan. 5, prosecutors say fellow Proud Boy Biggs posted to the group telling Donohoe and others there was a meeting with “a lot of guys” and “info should be coming out.”

Tarrio had been released just four hours before that message was sent on Jan. 5.

According to Tarrio’s indictment, he went straight from his release to a meeting with Elmer Rhodes, leader of the Oath Keepers, in an underground parking garage in D.C. Their meeting lasted 30 minutes.

By 9:20 P.M., Tarrio was added to the new MOSD chat, a statement of Donohoe’s offense notes. By midnight—now Jan. 6—Tarrio was allegedly posting in the group again giving instructions to meet at the Washington Monument by 10 A.M.

Donohoe was in D.C. by 6 A.M., and within a few short hours, prosecutors say he, Nordean, and Biggs led a group of more than 100 Proud Boys in a march to the Capitol.

They knew the crowd had grown aggressive and they knew Capitol Police were severely outnumbered, prosecutors say. Donohoe knew his actions were illegal when he followed Nordean and Biggs over police barricades to go inside.

Once in, Donohoe fielded more texts. One asked him if anyone had deployed mace yet.

“We are trying,” Donohoe responded before throwing water bottles at a line of police.

Donohoe eventually ran into Dominic Pezzola—another fellow Proud Boy, though Pezzola has pleaded not guilty.

Pezzola, also known as “Spaz” was carrying a riot shield he allegedly wrestled from a police officer. Donohoe took it and led Pezzola to the Capitol’s west plaza. He snapped a picture of the shield and sent a text to leadership.

“Got a riot shield,” Donohoe wrote.

Working his way back around to the rear of the Capitol, Donohoe recognized another Proud Boy, Daniel “Milkshake” Scott. Scott—who has pleaded not guilty—was in an altercation at the front of a crowd, prosecutors say, near concrete steps.

The steps were the pathway Donohoe used to push through police trying to stop their advance. He was hit with pepper balls and eventually left. Around 7 P.M., Donohoe boasted to leadership about “storming the capitol unarmed.”

In a statement Friday, Donohoe’s attorney said his client “regrets his actions and is remorseful for the conduct that led to these charges.

“He accepts responsibility for his wrongs and is prepared to accept the consequences,” public defender Ira Knight said.

He will remain in jail until sentencing which is expected sometime after July 8.

Meanwhile, other Proud Boys, including West Virginia chapter leader Jeffrey Finley and California Proud Boys member Ricky Willden have entered guilty pleas, too.

Neither Finley nor Wilden faced conspiracy charges tied to stopping the election certification by Congress on Jan. 6, but Finley, 29, faces up to a year in prison for illegally entering the Capitol. Prosecutors say he appeared in photographs standing beside leaders of the Proud Boys as they breached the Capitol.

He also donned an earpiece and engaged with Proud Boys in a Telegram chat group called “Boots on the Ground.” Prosecutors said Finley also tried to obscure his involvement, telling members to delete photos and videos.

“No talks about D.C. on Telegram whatsoever and gathering [numbers] as we speak,” Finley wrote.

Finley Plea Agreement by Daily Kos on Scribd

As for Ricky Willden, the 40-year-old self-proclaimed member of the Proud Boys pleaded guilty to one count of assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers on Jan. 6. The California resident admitted to attacking police with chemical sprays and then chucking the canister at police when it was empty.

Willden faces up to eight years in prison, but now that he has agreed to cooperate, he will likely see that shaved down. He will remain detained until his sentencing in August.

Ricky Wilden Plea Agreement Jan 6 by Daily Kos on Scribd

Jeremy Grace, another Proud Boy, also copped a deal Friday. The Battle Ground, Washington, resident flew to D.C. for the Jan. 6 rally with his father, Jeffrey Grace, on Jan. 4. They attended Trump’s speech at the Ellipse and headed toward the U.S. Capitol.

According to Grace’s statement of offense, he was behind the front line of individuals crossing barricades and eventually made his way into the Senate through a door on the northwest side. Together, Grace walked with his father to the Capitol Rotunda before climbing out of a broken window.

They took selfies and shot video as they chanted, “Our house!”

Grace’s father has pleaded not guilty.

Jeremy Grace Proud Boy Plea Ag by Daily Kos on Scribd


Tough day in court for Oath Keepers

Meanwhile Friday, defense attorneys for the Oath Keepers were put to the task by U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta.

Discovery in the sprawling and historic seditious conspiracy case is massive and in the run-up to trial, defense counsel for Rhodes has argued there hasn’t been enough time to prepare, pointing to the voluminous amounts of video footage they must comb through to make their case. They have also complained about incomplete records of evidence provided by the prosecution to the defense.

But that’s just not so, according to Judge Mehta.

He emphasized that defense attorneys have had several months to hone their case and sort out what will be relevant in the heap of evidence they have had access to.

To that point, he said, it won’t be video footage of Rhodes or some other Oath Keepers charged with conspiracy breaking a window that will make or break the defense, for example.

“What’s in the videos is not going to reveal what's in the defendant's state of mind,” Mehta said Friday. “What will matter is what is in these chats, what is in their social media, what is in the witness interviews. It will matter what they said to each other, what people overheard.”

There are some 45,000 text messages the government deemed important evidence to bring to the impending trial. Mehta sharply told Rhodes’s defense attorney Phillip Linder, he may want to start digging in there.

“Focus on what matters,” the exasperated judge said Friday.

The government has turned over the lion’s share of its evidence available for discovery, including 10,500 videos it seized off Oath Keeper devices alone, grand jury transcripts, and more.

There were also at least 15 Signal group chats on devices that the government found relevant to the seditious conspiracy charges.

All of this was provided to defense attorneys in October.

“Unlike a lot of other defendants, most Jan. 6 cases genuinely are primarily about what the people did at the Capitol that day. This case has to do with that, undoubtedly true, but this is much more about what was said before Jan. 6, what was done in the days leading up to it and what was done on that day and important what was done after, OK? So, I don’t think anything that was done before Jan. 6, nothing after Jan. 6 was captured in video. It’s all in the chats, in their social media. That’s where you need to be looking,” Mehta said. “That’s whats going to tell a jury, not me, a jury, whether these folks engaged in a conspiracy to interfere with Congress.”

Beyond the scope of discovery, there’s also the sheer size of the trial causing much consternation for Judge Mehta.

Much of Friday’s conference was devoted to figuring out how to best run the trials once they kick off. There are 11 total defendants, plus attorneys for each defendant, a jury, court clerks and officers, and press that would need to squeeze into a single room.

Even the large ceremonial courtroom at the federal courthouse wouldn’t suffice. If the trial is moved offsite, then questions about how to properly detain defendants during breaks arise. The same issues plague the Proud Boys conspiracy case.

Defense attorneys have pushed to keep the Oath Keepers together for trial, arguing that splitting them apart would be unfair. Mehta disagreed and proposed that the first batch of Oath Keepers— Jessica Watkins, Kenneth Harrelson, David Moerschel, and Thomas Caldwell—go to trial this July.

Elmer Rhodes, Roberto Minuta, Brian Ulrich, Edward Vallejo, and Kelly Meggs would go to trial in September.

This spurred defense attorneys to pose an interesting proposition: If three other Oath Keepers strike a plea deal—bringing the total group to be tried down to just eight Oath Keepers instead of 11—would that mean Mehta would consider trying them at once?

The judge was careful not to appear with his thumb on the scale; he told attorneys what they decided to do with plea agreements was their decision.

Judge Mehta also informed defendant Kelly Meggs during Friday’s hearing that his attorney, Jonathon Moseley, would not be able to defend him after the commonwealth of Virginia disbarred him last week for disciplinary reasons.

Meggs, who leads the Florida Oath Keepers division, said he has had significant difficulty obtaining a new lawyer because of restrictions placed on him at the D.C. jail.

Mehta said he would contact the jail to ensure he had access and, in the meantime, encouraged Meggs to ask his wife, Connie Meggs, for help. Meggs has claimed he is innocent. He has said in court that he was trying to help U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn during the chaos, not hurt him.

Mark Zaid, an attorney for Dunn, told Daily Kos the suggestion was purely laughable.

“It is ludicrous to assert any of the Jan. 6 seditionists in any way came to the defense or provided assistance to Officer Dunn. Nor, as the judge noted, would it be relevant to the culpability of their actions that day,” Zaid said.

And defense could comb through as much video footage of the day as they like, including any body cam footage they claim exists, Zaid said.

Meggs would be searching for something that doesn’t exist. USCP officers do not wear body cameras.

The next status hearing in the seditious conspiracy case is slated for May 6.
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Feb 6, 2014
Ukraine update: Cut off and isolated but against all odds, Mariupol continues to resist


Drone footage of the devastation in Mariupol.

Mariupol should have been taken on the first day of the war. Situated in Ukraine’s far southeastern corner, distant from other major urban centers and supply lines, directly south of the rebel-occupied Donbas separatist region, mostly Russian speaking, and just across the Azov Sea from Russia itself, it never should’ve been competitive.


Day 1 of the war, Mariupol should’ve been swallowed up in that first wave.

Yet after six weeks of full blockade and unimaginable devastation, Mariupol continues to resist. How is that possible? We won’t know the full story until after the war, but what we know (and can guess at) paints an incredible picture.

The city was defended by two main forces. The first was Ukrainian marines. But the more (in)famous was the Azov Battalion, a paramilitary force of far-right extremist neo-Nazis who were founded in 2014. What else happened in 2014? Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula and the start of the separatist war in Eastern Ukraine. In fact, it was the Azov Battalion that retook Mariupol after pro-Russian forces (and likely Russians themselves) occupied the city. It is estimated that at the start of the Russian invasion, Azov had around 900 members, though those numbers have swelled since. Ironically, Russia’s war has proven a boon to far-right militants, even as it uses Azov’s existence as justification for its entire war.

Ukraine, led by a Jewish president, clearly decided that the enemy of their enemy is their friend—for now—and formally incorporated the Azov Battalion into its army structure about a week into the war. The result is that less than 1,000 Azov fighters have held off mighty Russia in Mariupol, even as Ukrainian marines surrendered by the hundreds just a few days ago.

Russia claims it controls Mariupol’s center and that it is merely mopping up resistance, but Azov Battalion released several videos over the past couple of days that show otherwise. Here’s one of them taking out a Russian armored personnel carrier:

A follow-up video, which I won’t link to, shows that the troops inside—one wearing the flag of the Russian client territory of Ossetia (a breakaway region of Georgia)—survived the missile attack that destroyed their vehicle, but were subsequently ambushed and killed. I counted seven dead Russian-aligned troops. Rather than showing desperate Ukrainian defenders holding out behind rubble in ever-shrinking pockets, the video suggests that its defenders can roam the city at will. Even more striking, the Azov Ukrainians sounded light-hearted and relaxed. Not the picture of a starving, besieged defender you’d imagine.

Aside from the destruction of another Russian armored vehicle (will anything be left to send up north for their hoped-for pincer movement if they ever take Mariupol?), take notice of the surroundings. This isn’t central Mariupol. Azov is operating on the outskirts of the city. Russia has claimed it was pushing the city’s defenders into a few final pockets of resistance, and here we have Azov outside that supposed ring, behind enemy lines.

But of all the videos they’ve released these last few days, this one is the most dramatic:

A Ukrainian Azov armored personnel carrier ambushes two Russian tanks from the rear, where their armor is weakest, destroying at least one. The laser-looking shots are tracer rounds, which fire every five regular rounds to help guide the cannon’s aim. They have a pyrotechnic base that lights up by the flame of the propellant, creating the laser-like effect. Note the greening grass, as warming temperatures, melting snow, and spring rains wake the area’s vegetation. This isn’t an old video.

But even more dramatic than the video and the results was the fact that Azov still has operational armor in Mariupol, that they need to hide, rearm,
and fuel. And the location was a surprise to many:


Location of Azov BTR-4 ambushing Russian armor southwest of Mariupol city center.

Once again, that Azov armor was nowhere near the city center. Which means that as focused as Russia has been on pressing the attack in the city’s urban core, there are Azov forces marauding their rear lines, wreaking havoc. And seriously, how are they fueling that vehicle? How have these forces survived as long as they have, cut off from supplies? Maybe because they’re not cut off. At least not fully.

On April 5, two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down over Mariupol while attempting to evacuate wounded warriors. But rather than signifying a failed Ukrainian rescue effort, Russia realized that they simply had lucked into patrolling an oft-used helicopter route. Here’s Kamil Galeev citing Russian sources:

(“Above sea” is typo for Azov sea.) Like the daring helicopter raid in Belgorod, Russia, it looks like Ukraine had found a hole in Russia’s coverage of the city, and then used it for regular resupply and medical evacuation. Not only does that show just how clever Ukraine is in prosecuting the war, it also demonstrates extreme confidence in the continued resistance in the city—it could’ve used those helicopter flights to evacuate the city’s defenders. But why? They are tying up a significant part of Russia’s military assets, freezing the southern front, and bleeding Russia dry from supremely defensible positions. Eventually, even Ukraine admitted that Mariupol was being resupplied:

Then there are the persistent rumors of tunnels/catacombs under the city itself. Here is a posting from Russian social media site VK that claims they exist. The rumors are that Ukrainian defenders knew Russia would eventually return to the city, so they stocked the tunnels with food, water, and ammunition for its defense, while also allowing defenders to move around unimpeded underneath Russian forces above. True or not, we likely won’t find out until after the war is over, but it makes sense that at the very least, defenders would’ve stashed a significant number of weapons and ammo throughout key locations in the city. There was no surprise attack, as Mariupol sits just outside the front lines of a simmering war since 2014. It makes sense it would’ve prepared extensively for a long fight.

Thus, as of now, Russia still has a long way to go to take the city.


Russia claims a lot of territory (the yellow), yet none of their videos have been geolocated in those areas. And as the graphic above shows, the ambush of the two Russian tanks was in a red zone previously thought to be controlled by Russia.

But in the end, territory doesn’t matter. In a city hellscape littered with infinite hiding locations, Ukrainian forces can operate an indefinite guerrilla campaign to continue pinning down Russian forces, preventing them from being redeployed elsewhere. If Russia doesn’t have the forces in the city to prevent loud-ass helicopters from making regular supply runs, what makes anyone think they can actually prevent several thousand motivated defenders from continuing to wreak havoc?

According to UAWarData, an open-source project tracking the movement of Russian units, there are six known Russian BTGs in Mariupol; that’s, at best, around 6,000 Russian troops. (And remember, soldiers doing the fighting make up a small percent of any BTG.) That’s supposed to pacify a city of 446,000 (pre-war)? To compare, in the Second Battle of Fallujah during the Iraq War, the U.S. and allies sent in 13,500 troops in a city with nearly half the population, 275,000, and one in which a smaller percentage of the population was resisting (an estimated 1,500 insurgents).

The end result? The United States lost 95 KIA, with another 560 wounded. Iraq government forces lost 8 and 43 wounded, and the United Kingdom lost 4, with another 10 wounded. The city was taken in six weeks, and it wasn’t fully razed to the ground. Around 600 to 800 civilians died, but they weren’t directly targeted. That's a Russian speciality.

By all indications, Mariupol shouldn’t be standing. And yet there it is, with Ukraine both holding territory and attacking behind Russian front lines. At some point, Russia will declare Mariupol defeated, but it doesn’t seem as if the fighting will die down anytime soon.

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Feb 6, 2014
Mike Lindell boasts spending $800K on MAGA-supporting election official’s defense—which isn't legal
Walter Einenkel


Tina Peters and that pillow guy.

Tina Peters is the MAGA-supporting Mesa County, Colorado, elections clerk who along with her deputy, Belinda Knisley, was recently indicted on charges connected to breaching election security, allowing the Dominion voting machines under their care be tampered with by a third party—a man named Gerald Wood. During that time she reportedly flew around on pillow hawker Mike Lindell’s private jet, was bunked up in one of the MyPillow CEO’s “safe houses,” and appeared to make baseless election fraud claims at Lindell’s marathon-of-nothingness “Cyber Symposium” imagination-dumborium.

On Tuesday, Lindell and others appeared at a so-called “Election Truth Rally” at the Colorado Capitol. Lindell might be ridiculous but besides Peters, the Colorado Sun reports that “Republicans, including state Reps. Dave Williams, Ron Hanks, Richard Holtorf and Mark Baisley,” were all at an event that is promoting the idea the 2020 elections were stolen from just Donald Trump—and no other candidates. During the rally, Lindell boasted that Tina Peters’ shady legal defense fund (which is already being investigated) got a big boost from Lindell himself. “I probably put in three, four or five, maybe $800,000, of my own money,” he said.

That would likely be an ethics violation.
According to the Sun, “Colorado’s Constitution prohibits elected officials from accepting a gift greater than $65, including for travel.” You can see the law here. During all of this time, Peters has remained an elected official, albeit with virtually everyone asking her to resign. In fact, after being arrested twice in one week, Peters announced she would be leaving her post to run for Colorado secretary of state—a position that would put her in charge of all the Centennial State’s election security. Meanwhile, Colorado’s actual Secretary of State Jena Griswold has successfully been able to keep Peters and Knisley banned from any participation in the state’s elections since 2020, and has continued to pursue legal avenues that would have Peters permanently banned from overseeing elections.

When pressed on this reported $800,000, Peters’ defense is that he’s dumb as a brick. She has no knowledge of Lindell paying for her defense. Who is this “defense”? What is money? Where am I? Of course, as Colorado NBC affiliate 9 News reports, Peters’ amnesia contradicts her previous stance of telling her supporters to “send money to Lindell for her legal defense.” Peters’ full statement:

"Mike Lindell, is the CEO of My Pillow and while speaking to reporters at the rally, Lindell guessed that he had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into legally defending election integrity efforts. Tina Peters is focused on running a race to become the next Secretary of State of Colorado and has no knowledge of Lindell’s spending."

The rally and the ongoing disinformation being spread by conspiracy fascists like Peters and Lindell prompted a group of Colorado county clerks from all over the state and political spectrum to hold a press conference of their own. Weld County Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes, a Republican, told the press, “This flurry of reports is a deliberate strategy by those who seek to undermine our elections to create the impression that something is wrong with our election systems, while they simultaneously provide no proof or information that assert that any election results were inaccurate or would have changed in any way, by the findings of these reports.”

MyPillow guy Mike Lindell is either going broke, or he’s flush with money, or he’s a conman—or he’s all three. The rabid intensity with which he has gone after promoting (while producing nothing in support of) the conspiracy theory that the 2020 elections were stolen from Donald Trump by “globalists” is anxiety-producing. Known as the “Big Lie,” the theory is elastic and stretches to meet the expectations of whomever asks a simple question piercing the logic behind it.

Peters has not maintained her innocence in all of this, since she seems to have clearly broken laws and abused the power and privilege of her position as Mesa County Clerk and Recorder. Instead, like any good Trump-loving MAGA person, Peters has cried and cried about how she is being persecuted. You know, like Jesus. During Tuesday’s rally, Peters told the people assembled that she isn’t running for secretary of state for herself; she’s doing it for humanity. “I went, ‘I got to stand up.’ I said, ‘I’m running into the fire for you.’” I can’t remember which gospel it’s in, probably Luke because of how eloquent it is, but we all remember the story of Jesus and his multiplying for the masses:

“Late in the afternoon on Election Day, the Twelve came to him and said, “Send the crowd away so they can go to the surrounding villages and countryside and find comfort and lodging, because we are in a remote place here.”
He replied, “You give them some more vague conspiracies to ponder. But first turn off the security cameras.”
They answered, “We have only five half-baked conspiracy ideas and two fundraisers.”

But he said to his disciples, “Have them sit down in groups of about 50 each.” The disciples did so, and everyone sat down. Taking the half-baked conspiracy ideas and two fundraisers and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke election security by having some random guy download secured software and data, as well as giving him passwords to access elections equipment he was not vetted for. Then he gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people. They all chattered and heard and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up 12 basketfuls of donated dark money and broken dreams that were left over.”

It goes something like that. It is no surprise that through all of this, Mike Lindell has continued to support Peters. After Peters’ indictment, Lindell told The Daily Beast that this was all par-for-the-conspiracy course: “You know what this indictment is, they're trying to cover it all up, because they committed crimes. Serious crimes. Griswold, Colorado, Dominion.”

Secretary of State Jena Griswold tried to explain things as simply as possible to The Daily Beast, pointing out that Peters represents one of the only people for whom there is real hard evidence that she compromised the security of our elections. “She’s tremendously unfit to see her county’s election and unfit to be the chief election official for the state of Colorado,” Griswold said.

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Feb 6, 2014
Friday, Apr 8, 2022 · 10:43:59 PM EDT · Mark Sumner
This missile doesn’t actually appear to have been shot down. This is what a Tochka U looks like after it delivers its munitions. This one seems to have been aimed at Russian ships in the harbor at Berdyansk, the same location where a Russian landing ship was heavily damaged two weeks ago.

Whether or not the missile hit its target is impossible to say, but based on these fragments, if Russia was shooting at this missile, they missed.


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Feb 6, 2014
In a World This Mercilessly Stupid, How Could Sarah Palin NOT Come Back?


A week without malignantly insane, world-wrecking assholes…that’s all I want. One little week. Wouldn’t that be nice? To just once click over to Ye Olde Shower Cappe Blog, braced for the expected litany of horrors, only to encounter a brief, “Well whaddya know, the shitbuckets actually left us alone for a few days, I finally got around to that last season of Deadwood!” A boy can dream, can’t he? ..........
The Russian military has certainly had a tough time of it in Ukraine, (the murdering dolts can’t even retreat competently) but after week upon week of catastrophic blundering, they’ve finally stumbled onto one thing they’re actually halfway decent at: slaughtering civilians.

Future war-mongering autocrats take note: it’s prudent to save the really major war crimes for securely held territory, because when you’re forced to flee the field in defeat, residual evidence of your inhuman savagery can really turbocharge the world’s will to thwart your bloody ambitions.

Keep it up, Pootie Tang, I think there are still six or seven Stinger missiles left in a garage somewhere that aren’t currently aimed at your butchering buffoons. And I know y’all are redeploying and resupplying and all, but I, uh, wouldn’t expect great things from the remnants of the force that oh-so-cleverly occupied Chernobyl. Anyhoo, surely the glorious restoration of the Soviet Empire is just one more bombed-out maternity hospital away.

Like an overmatched game show host trying to gaslight his way out of a global pandemic, Vlad the Miscalculator’s latest master plan involves claiming each freshly unearthed atrocity is in fact a dastardly Ukrainian false flag designed to make him look like a big ol’ meanie. It’s working about as well as any of his recent schemes, I suppose; Russian “diplomats” are getting expelled by the score, (enjoy the job market back home, kids) and invites to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Xmas party have been rescinded, which really stings, because Ban Ki-moon usually busts out his absolutely legendary karaoke version of Fox on the Run after an appletini or two.

Anyway, it seems like a particularly inappropriate time to be scrawling taunting little notes on the missiles you’re launching at noncombatants, but maybe Vladward is just excited he got Pink Floyd back together..........
Here at home, Republicans continue their extremely Putinesque assault on LGBTQ rights. Frankly, the institutional GOP is kicking itself for not embracing QAnon sooner; turns out, you don’t need any platform whatsoever, you can even embrace lunatic policies that kill tens of thousands of your constituents, so long as you train a sufficiently large base of credulous dirtbags to reflexively believe that anyone who disagrees with them about anything is a child molester.

Because Disney’s content deviates from Laura Ingraham’s grisliest gay-bashing fantasies, they’re “grooming” children, you see. Now Lauren Boebert furiously demands Mickey Mouse’s cancellation, on the grounds that his name is just too darn hard to spell. (There should be a song to help with that, y’know?).......
Oddly, in their fervor to incite a few theme park mass shootings, none of the shrieking heads of the right-wing rageosphere found time to condemn Tennessee Republicans’ proposed legalization of child marriage. Shit, they neglected to even mention Ruben Verastigui, the latest in a long, long, long, long, LONG ****in’ line of prominent conservatives to earn an actual, real-life conviction for sexually abusing children........
Well, Ketanji Brown Jackson has been successfully confirmed to the Supreme Court, despite the Senate GOP’s demented smear campaign, (she’s only soft on pedophiles, not a pedophile herself, at least she wasn’t the last time I checked the fever swamps, though I’m sure Hillary Clinton has plans to invite her over to partake of the traditional Democratic congratulatory child face buffet) though not without one final infantile conniption from the likes of Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham......
So, Paul Gosar, sitting United States Congressperson, is headed to yet another white nationalist shindig, this one in celebration of Hitler’s birthday. Now, outside of the generally undesirable spectacle of a federal legislator CELEBRATING HITLER’S BIRTHDAY, I’m afraid I must insist upon registering a complaint here; a satirist’s job is tough enough without all this unfair competition from reality.

I probably shouldn’t fixate on Congressman Szell, excuse me, “Gosar,” he’s an outlier, right? We should pay more attention to the GOP’s fine, upstanding moderates! You won’t catch wannabe Senator J.D. Vance baking cupcakes for Adolf; no, he’s far too busy cutting mega-racist campaign ads, and parroting the white nationalist “great replacement” theory…on reflection, probably not the best example.

Okay, okay, Gosar AND Vance are outliers, let us rather focus on Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who, trailing in the pivotal Racist Idiot primary, announced a moronic “plan” to bus migrants from the border to Washington, D.C. Pretty standard Republican electoral politics here, by which I mean, “juvenile performance art, designed to elicit malicious cackling from the shittiest people alive.”

(The real outliers in this clown car full of bleeding rectums are, of course, Kinzinger and Cheney.)

I’m actually quite sympathetic to MAGA nation’s plight; it must be challenging, maintaining fanaticism in a cult of personality, when the personality in question is such an inveterate loser as Donald John Trump. Of course you have to concoct fake accomplishments to justify your blind fealty, otherwise you’d have to face the reality that you worship a serial ****up who can’t even dress himself. Anyway, he didn’t kill Bin Laden, Congresswoman McClain; you are now cordially invited to resign in shame........
Speaking of Donnie Dotard’s seven decades of incessant faceplanting, there’s a brand-new fiasco for the fridge, Ma! I’m talkin’ about TRUTH SOCIAL, which flopped so hard and fast you’d think the man in charge was some sort of world-class shitwit who couldn’t even figure out how to make money in the casino industry........
While I understand and accept the bleak inevitability of the headline, “Trump endorses Palin,” reading it still made me curl up in the fetal position on my kitchen floor, weeping tears of vomit, for several hours. I finally gathered the strength to stand up and start cleaning the mess, but then along came “Bin Laden’s niece praises Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz for backing Capitol rioters” to knock me back on my ass..........
By the way, Taylor Greene made history this week, as the very first batshit-gargling conspiracy theorist to get mercilessly owned on both the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and a late night talk show within a two-day span. Congratulations, Marj; your prize is an all-expenses paid trip…to Guam.......
Shopping for your slush-brained conservative relatives can be frustrating; there’s room for just so many made-in-China red ballcaps amidst the doomsday prep kits and meth paraphernalia. Well, for the low, low price of $2,500, you can secure your favorite cultist their very own spot on the faux “grand jury” staged by a disgraced Elvis impersonator with a history of sexual assault, where everybody will play dress-up and pretend to indict Anthony Fauci. It’s like the Dunning-Kruger effect, only for dignity.......
Y’know, you’d think it’d be obvious by now that there’s nothing less fruitful than trying to piece some sort of consistent, coherent ethical system together from the hypocritical drivel Mitch McConnell offers up to excuse his ruthless, amoral pursuit of power, but damned if the feckless, autofellating pundit class doesn’t insist upon wasting everyone’s time trying*.............
Golly, now even John Roberts is bemoaning his power-mad, wingnut colleagues’ abuse of the SCOTUS shadow docket process. Yeah, ol’ Doc Frankenstein was sure he could control the monster he made, too........
I see Off-Brand Orbán wants us to believe it was only the Secret Service that prevented him from joining his loser hate mob in their march to the Capitol last January 6th, as though the whole world doesn’t remember what happened the last time he was called upon to Walk a Short Distance in Public.......
Newly uncovered text messages reveal Don Junior’s hilarious certainty that the Attempted Assclown Autogolpe would swiftly prove to be both easy and peasy. Look, when you take a brain built from Trump family DNA and relentlessly batter it with cheap cocaine, you have to expect results like this.........
Just as a little palate cleanser, please enjoy this video of Senator Brian Schatz taint-punting insurrectionist shitweasel Josh Hawley into another goddamn galaxy. God, I needed that.
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