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Jan 23, 2018
While the dust isn’t fully settled yet, a few thoughts.
1. First off, congrats to those who won, chapeau to those who didn’t, and keep it civil to those who don’t yet know. We all like to see our preferences validated but this country is diverse enough that none of us should think others’ views count less than our own.
2. Takeaway 1: Last night confirms the end of the American form of republican government as we know it. We’re in a parliamentary model now, where it’s solely a team sport and all politics is national. Saw a pa exit poll where 42% said d was too extreme, 42% said r was too extreme, 5% said both, 9% said neither. This is not a good thing as a country as large and diverse as ours needs the moderation inherent in a republic.
2. Takeaway 2: Trump will not be indicted. The power of the sword of Damocles is not that it cuts but that it hangs. D’s need him in 24.
3. Takeaway 3: as I noted last summer, dobbs will end up being the best thing that ever happened to d’s and the pro choice movement. 25% in exit poll said it was issue one - much higher than in pre election surveys. While the moral issues are pretty clear to me, it’s hard to argue that moral regulation shouldn’t be the province of politically accountable people rather than unelected judges. So I suppose, so be it.
4. Takeaway 4: Hats off to Florida for the efficiency of their voting processes. As I’ve said, I’m pro access, but the only way to generate confidence is to report quickly and reliably. Apparently, it can be done. Other states should follow their lead in the quiet time. And speaking of Florida, wow as to desantis.
5. Takeaway 5: the coverage was not too good. Tapper was no blitzer and the big boards weren’t ready for prime time. It all was a confusing muddle -same with fox. The cnn governor guy really should be canned - just say the candidates name.
6. It will be very interesting to see the degree to which gerrymandering did, or didn’t ultimately matter. Note that nc will likely redo their districts with new r control of their state courts.
7. Can’t wait to see this weeks inflation report.
8. In the I told you so realm, the polls are not, in fact, all rigged, and probability distribution models should be disregarded at your peril.

I’m sure there will be more to come.
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