No Way Out For Joe Biden Amid Cycle of Doom


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Aug 20, 2003
Maybe the made for TV drama "INSURRECTION" featuring June 9 will help? LMFAO.... All the TDS affected lunatics can go GET SOME confirmation bias........

You no longer have to take the word of pollsters and conservative media that Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are in trouble. Progressive media outlets and commentators are now openly lamenting a White House in chaos and possible loss of one or both houses of Congress to Republicans this November.

What’s worse for Joe Biden: given his extreme partisanship, fanatical staff, and inability to change course, he has no way out of this predicament.

First of all, voters despise the Democrats’ woke agenda. From coast to coast, they vote against it each and every time it is put before them. Liberal Los Angeles residents may soon elect a conservative real-estate developer to crack down on crime and bums in their city. Fanatically progressive San Francisco voters fired District Attorney Chesa Boudin on Tuesday for coddling criminals and turning parts of their city into a cesspool. Previously this year, San Francisco voters canned three school board members who were acting like Soviet commissars. If this is happening in Nancy Pelosi’s hometown, imagine what normal America thinks about Joe Biden’s woke desires to define everyone by race, treat all cops as racists, tell parents how to raise their kids, and fire anyone who doesn’t embrace the transgender lie.

Since Joe Biden now has U.S. embassies flying rainbow flags in an intentional woke affront to host nations—important U.S. national interests be damned—we can probably conclude he is unwilling or unable to curb the woke agenda.