Football Penn State FB 365 Podcast - Questions for this week's episode

Dylan Callaghan-Croley

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Jun 14, 2020
Hello everybody, this week, I along with two of my co-hosts will begin recording the Penn State FB 365 Podcast, Nittany Nation's official weekly Penn State podcast. We previously were known as the CFB 365, where we discussed college football on a national level and had great success, totaling thousands of listens over our two years doing the podcast.

Now, we have decided to bring the podcast to Nittany Nation as a Penn State-centric podcast. It will have a different flair to it than most podcasts associated with sites, along with myself, I will be joined by co-host Anthony Hazan, a 2019 Penn State graduate as well as Marty Leap, another former Penn Stater who also contributes to SBNation's fansite Black Shoe Diaries, where I also was before coming to Nittany Nation. With that, we will have a professional feel to the podcast but also very much a fan feel to the podcast, while I will provide a much more neutral view of Penn State football and athletics as a whole, Anthony and Marty will provide a bit more of a fan perspective. Together, it should create a great dynamic that appeals to all Penn State fans.

With that, we hope to record episodes nearly every week and will especially do so in football season, perhaps multiple once we figure out our posting schedule. During our podcasts, we'll bet talking about the Nittany Lions' efforts on the field, their success and failures on the recruiting trail, and everything in between. So be sure to listen because you will get some nuggets during episodes that may have previously been behind our paywall and these podcast episodes are completely free to everyone!

With all that being said, we'll be recording a podcast today or tomorrow and we were hoping to take questions from you, the Nittany Nation readers, and hopeful listeners to the podcast. We'll try to answer everything and anything! So, what questions do you guys have for us this week? It could be on the field, recruiting-related, NIL-related, and so on and so forth.

You can also follow the podcast on Twitter @PSUFB365!