Football Penn State opens as big favorite over Rutgers

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Feb 11, 2009
Chester County, PA
Heading up to the game with my RU grad bride, our son and her cousins who are RU Season Ticket holders and have a son in their Honors College. I've heard horror stories but am optimistic that we will have an enjoyable day. The weather looks great- and while there will be plenty of booze flowing for a 3:30 game it is better than a night game.

I may agree to wear an RU Lax hat with my PSU sweatshirt if my Bride wears her State hat....that should diminish most loudmouths. It would be even better if we waxed them like we did Maryland and have most of their folks leave by halftime. Don't want a nailbiter like the Hackenberg late escape....

FWIW I fell in love with my wife on a day when we went to see RU play Gerry Faust's Akron team back in the Fall of 1990. The stadium was small back then- and we walked right into the endzone after halftime without tickets. Many of her friends played football there in the 1980s- but she had never been inside (was always tailgating though). Looking forward....

Go State!