Potential FC; Rosmarie Boyland


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Aug 18, 2003
So i just saw a video produced by Epoch Times. the showed the bodycam footage by DC police. [before you rail about Epoch Times find the video and dispute the bodycam footage if you don't believe it] of a police officer repeatedly beating an already unconscious Rosmarie Boyland who died at some point.

My question is what is the difference between the police action here or with George Floyd.
Should either have been where they were? - No
Were the police initially justified -yes
Were either threat to police at the time of police brutality - no
Was it a high pressure situation for the officers - yes
Was the kneeling on the neck or the beating with a club in any way justified -no

Were the actions taken against the officer the same - not even close

I am not suggesting the beating is what killed Ms Boyland [I don't know but suspect if it was the article would have said so] but beating an already unconscious person by police is still a felony.

Any of you who can link this video footage please do.