Saw one crazy play with crazy announcers yesterday

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Nov 27, 2012
An altered state
During a break in the action flipped over to the ‘bama-ole Miss game. Guy catches pass and turns up the sidelines. As a tackler approaches the ball carrier decides to leap over him. Tackler realizes that so he rises up and drives his helmet hard into the runner. Color analyst guy yells “Wow, he took a shot in the groin!” As he is saying that the runner rotates upside down and gets hit hard in the back by another defender, still high in the air. He starts coming down head first but somehow rotated enough to land on the back of his neck and shoulder pads. The runner then hops right up like nothing happened inspiring the color analyst to exclaim ‘He must have a steel plate down there!”

So the the play by play announcer chimes in saying he once took a helmet the the groin that had him talking soprano the rest of the night. Went on to say he ended up with a ruptured bladder that ended his career and he was in a broadcast booth the next year.

Was a hard hitting, scary looking play with some TMI from the announcers!
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