The beauty of America as Founded. Each group of people get what they want.


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Aug 14, 2021
The absolute beauty of America, as founded, was the principle of government of the consent of the people. Not government OF the people.

Key to such a principle was the minimalization of the federal government.

In that way, Californians can keep Gascon (it's absolutely their right), and ban gasoline and plastic, should they choose.

In that way, Ohioans and West Virginians can ban abortion, prohibit the feds from interfering with their people, and so forth.

It's beautiful. They thought it out perfectly.

You can EASILY move from one state to the other, to suit your preference.

Democrats oppose this because they KNOW their way won't work.

Sure, they make up arguments that don't admit that, but we all know the truth.

Democrats want the feds because without them, the Rs won't be there to save them from themselves and to disperse the load that their policies impose.

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