Weisselberg told a jury that Trump, 76, authorized untaxed benefits


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May 29, 2001
It would be an amusing parallel if the Feds nailed Cheeto for tax fraud in the same way they nailed Al Capone. Too bad Alcaraz is no longer a functioning federal prison. ("Cast him down with Pard and the other Sodomites!")
If I'm trump, I forcefully admit to the payments and say that it was CFOs job to properly account for the transactions. There must be some element of intent in the laws. You'd know the ins and outs of that better than I


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Jan 2, 2018
The payments were compensation and subject to payroll taxes. That was the CFO's testimony under oath.
We could probably imprison 400 members of congress and 100 million Americans for tax fraud for not reporting frequent flyer miles as income under your theory and the theory of the prosecution. F*ing joke.
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