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Nov 20, 2019
Larry Corriea

Where have all my Biden supporting friends gone? I remember last year my feed was full of people who proudly supported Biden/Harris, because Orange Man Bad, and a Return To Norms, and No More Mean Tweets. Where are you now?
I’m not talking about the internet rando strangers who inevitably show up to scream the day’s narrative at everybody who doesn’t toe their line. Those people might as well be bots. They don’t matter. Nobody cares what they say. I’m talking about the real life human beings, I usually know somehow outside of the internet. I could always count on you to stroll in to tell me I was stupid and needed to “think for myself” and “get educated” by watching CNN and automatically believing everything on it like you do.
Where are you?
Last year you wouldn’t shut about how all the evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption and incompetence was Fake News, and then you got me kicked off the internet for talking about a laptop filled with incriminating evidence (which turned out to be real, and only one of many that crackhead lost). And you were legion a few short months ago, while you barked at me that voter fraud was impossible and audits unnecessary, so shut up.
Even as the economy went to shit, and we went from energy independent to begging OPEC for scraps, and crazy inflation kicked in, and Joe Biden’s rare public appearances consisted of inane ramblings or staring blankly off into space, you could be counted on to show up in my feed to try and guilt shame me into silence… because the guy I voted for said hurtful things on Twitter.
And while our government beclowned itself over a fake insurrection, which the FBI since admitted wasn’t organized at all, and our military leadership focused on “rooting out extremists” (but not Antifa or BLM) instead of their actual ****ing job, I could always count on you to be right there to gaslight us that everything was fine, and we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, and there’s a white supremacist hiding behind every bush.
Then finally, last week, the evil, feckless, incompetent, unserious, ****ing clown show that was this administration became too obvious for even you to make excuses for it.
We’ve already seen the bullshit narratives from the pundit class repeated by their useful idiots who might as well be bots, about how this was Trump’s fault (even if it was his plan, which it clearly wasn’t, it doesn’t answer why Biden didn’t come up with something better) or how if we didn’t want a total cluster**** of an ass backwards withdrawal then we must be in favor of eternal war… but I haven’t seen any of you bravely carry that water like you can usually be counted on to do so.
I’ve seen a few of you try for some namby-pamby moral
equivalence, about how surely the withdrawal would have been just as bad with the other guy in charge, except that’s just bullshit, theoretical wishful thinking on your part. And we all know it.
I’m not going to rehash all the many screw ups on this particular operation. Been done, a lot, by people who know a lot more about the topic than I do. If you aren’t aware of just how badly this administration ****ed up by this point, you’re just being willfully ignorant. And it’s not even done yet. The unconfirmed shit coming out today, if true, is far, far worse. It’s a blood bath, and we don’t even have a clue how many Americans have been abandoned.
So where have you gone, my lefty friends? Where are the NeverTrump republicans who endorsed Biden because he was such a “statesman”? Who would make the world respect us again? Now the world is either disgusted by us or laughing at us. We left our allies hanging so badly that Biden got censured by ****ing Parliament.
Are you silent out of embarrassment? Shame? Guilt?
You should be. Because you ****ing own this.
We don’t even know how bad the **** up is yet. There’s too much chaos in Kabul to confirm how bad it is, but everything we can confirm is ****ing awful. Mind bending awful. It’s been a complete cascading failure of leadership. It’s so bad, the biggest question is whether the people in charge are just that inept and stupid, or they’re genuinely evil and don’t give a shit… But there comes a point where somebody is so horribly bad at their job that they might as well be actively malicious. So either way, America is ****ed.
And you wanted it that way.
We tried to warn you. All the clues were there. The history was there. But then they kicked us off the internet, and you cheered.
The only person who has been held accountable so far is a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who spoke up—knowing it would inevitably get him punished but did so anyway—asking the hard questions and demanding accountability from his leadership. So he got removed while they insinuated that he was mentally ill, and all the useful idiots were happy because any military officer who questioned the regime was obviously a danger to himself and others (which sounds oddly familiar to anybody who read about the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s).
The thing is, we all know that Marine isn’t crazy. He said the emperor has no clothes. They clearly ****ed up. We all know they ****ed up. Even the usual lefty cheer leaders know it was **** up. You know your guy ****ed up too, otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding.
You don’t have to keep hiding.
If you voted for Joe Biden because you were gullible and you got conned, that’s understandable. You had the entire US news media and Big Tech running interference for Joe Biden, covering up all his multitude of sins, and trying to paint him as something other than a doddering, corrupt, meat puppet, while they went on and on about how bad Trump was, even if they had to make up obviously fake bullshit like Russian Collusion.
In that case, have some ****ing dignity, recognize you got conned, admit it, and un**** your mistakes. I’ve done it. I’ve supported the wrong guy before. The key is admitting you screwed up and then trying to make it right. Been there, done that. Own you shit. Don’t make excuses for them. Hold your side accountable. And for the love of God, quit believing the institutions which continually lie to you.
If you voted for Joe Biden because you knew what he was, and you wanted this dementia potato in office because you like having a marionette who is easily controlled by our elite betters, I don’t know what to say to you, other than **** off, you un-American piece of shit.
The rest of us are just going to enjoy the silence, while we try to figure out how to survive the next THREE YEARS of this shit storm you’ve brought upon us.