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Feb 6, 2014

Jan 6th Insurrectionist Files Pretrial Motion To Preclude the word "Insurrectionist" In His Trial.



Richard "Bigo" Barnett of Arkansas in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office during Jan 6th. Just do not call him an insurrectionist!

One of the commenters from my Dancing Nazi Girl Insurrectionist diary asked a good question: “What happened to the guy who had his feet up on a desk in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office?” The person in question is Richard “Bigo” Barnett of Arkansas. And his trial is set to start on December 12th. But I had missed several pretrail motions from Bigo’s lawyers, and they are breathtaking with regards to white trash privilege. One of those motions is for an order that prevents government prosecutors from using the word “insurrectionist” during the trial.

And that is not the only word that Bigo wants banned from his upcoming trial:

Richard "Bigo" Barnett's attorney filed a motion Sept. 22 saying certain language should be excluded from Barnett's trial, including "terrorism," "terrorist," "insurrection," "insurrectionist," "mob," "rioter," "treason," "traitor," "sedition," "conspiracy," "attack on the Capitol," "attack on democracy," "threat to democracy," "attack on Congress," "white supremacy/supremacists," "police were killed," "stun gun" and "other inflammatory language related to groups such as the 'Proud Boys' and 'Oath Keepers,' as well as references to places on the grounds or in the Capitol where he did not go."

Barnett is every bit as bad as his beloved Leader Donald Trump. In that motion, Barnett claims THAT NO POLICE WERE KILLED THAT DAY! And he wants no mention that he took a stun gun to the insurrection!

Mr. Barnett requests also that this Honorable Court order the exclusion of any news reports during and after January 6, 2021, that mention police personnel that died. No police were killed by events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and Mr. Barnett was not involved in any violence. Any reference to President Trump’s (herein after “Trump”) Stop-the Steal lawsuits, court challenges, or issues raised by Trump’s lawyers about the election and outcomes of those lawsuits should be prohibited as unrelated, highly prejudicial, and overall irrelevant the legal significance of any lawsuits brought by parties, unrelated to Mr. Barnett, to challenge the elections is irrelevant to Mr. Barnett’s conduct on January 6, 2021 and should be excluded. Any photos taken from Mr. Barnett’s phone that are irrelevant to this case. This may go on a photo-by photo basis. Any photographs not related to the events of January 6th including but not limited to Mr. Barnett’s personal life should be excluded as irrelevant. No reference should be made about any alleged criminal history, because none exists. No reference should be made to guns legally purchased and owned by Mr. Barnett because such reference would only be serving the purpose of being prejudicial in a jury from an area that is highly against private gun ownership. No reference should be made about previous protests, events, and/or activism related to guns or the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution due to having no probative value and being irrelevant. Any reference to 2nd Amendment groups that Mr. Barnett participated in, spoke at or wrote in,whether in person, virtual, or online should be excluded as having no probative value and being irrelevant. The above-requested exclusions have no bearing on the charges in this case

No information about the Stop The Steal movement or Donald Trump. No cell phone photos taken by Barnett are to be included. And no news reports about cops being killed during the Jan 6th “event.”

And Barnett has a thing or two to say about the media and the Jan 6th Committee:

Mr. Barnett states the following in support:
I. INTRODUCTION. There is no possible dispute that the legacy media and social media are inundated with references to January 6th defendants as "insurrectionists," "terrorists," a "mob,""rioters," "conspirators," "traitors," and people who "stormed" the U.S. Capitol to "execute a coup"and "end democracy." The January 6th Select Committee includes the "attack on the U.S. Capitol" in its title and has been running one-sided show trials on television since July 27, 2021. In furtherance of advancing its one-sided narrative, the Committee hired a TV producer and advertised commercials across broadcast media, social media, and the Internet. The Committee has also edited video footage in a way that casts all January 6th Protestors in the worst possible light, while repeatedly using the terms mentioned above. Acting in concert with the Committee, the DOJ has also regularly used inflammatory terms in court for crimes that defendants have not been charged with,and actions the defendants were not engaged in.

So the jury should only see clips from FOX News with regards to Jan 6th.

Needless to say,
the government was not impressed with this “legal reasoning.”

"The government should not be required to dilute its language and step gingerly around the defendant's crimes," they wrote. "Contrary to the defendant's insinuations, what took place on January 6, 2021, was in fact a riot involving rioters, and an attack on the United States Capitol, the government of the United States, and American democracy."…
The six-page response was filed Thursday by three assistant U.S. attorneys, Mary L. Dohrmann, Alison B. Prout and Nathaniel K. Whitesel.
"The defendant's motion in limine asks that the Court prevent the government from using language and evidence that accurately establishes and describes the defendant's crimes," they wrote. "The material the defendant seeks to exclude fairly describes the riot, rioters, and his conduct, and the Court should deny his motion."
Citing case law, they wrote that there is no rule requiring the prosecutor to use a euphemism for a crime or preface it by the word "alleged."

"When a prosecutor's comments fairly characterize the offense, fairly characterize the defendant's conduct, and represent fair inferences from the evidence, they are not improper," according to Thursday's filing. "Prosecutors need to use appropriate language -- and not euphemisms -- to describe the nature and gravity of the defendant's conduct."

I hope the court rejects this stupid, insane pretrial motion from Barnett and his lawyer. The court did reject one of Barnett’s other pretrial motions: a change of venue. Barnett wants the trial moved to — wait for it — western Arkansas. Seems Barnett believes all those anti-gun nuts in D.C. will find him guilty, so the only place for a fair trial is western Arkansas.

The judge denied that pretrial request.

Barnett’s lawyers complain that Bigo has become the “face” of the “events” of Jan 6th. They state it is an unfair characterization of Barnett. But Barnett was planning on committing violence that day, and he was among those who rioted and stormed the Capitol Building. Who brings a 950,000 Volt stun gun to unathorized places in the Capitol Building? Obviously, someone who intends on using said stun gun on the target of his hatred: Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Remember, Barnett claims he was just looking for the restroom when he found Speaker Pelosi’s office open. Riiiight. This is the same man who went on TV to call Speaker Pelosi a b**ch after he broke into her office.

But Barnett is is one of those faces of the ugliness, hate, and violence of the Jan 6th INSURRECTION! And his actions — caught on tape and in pictures — are there for all to see. However, Barnett, like Trump, wants everyone to ignore all the facts and embrace lies. Therefore, Barnett is the perfect face for a Jan 6th insurrectionist and terrorist.

Just convict his white trash ass and throw him into prison.

Dancing Nazi Girl Insurrectionist Found Guilty On Multiple Felony Charges.


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Feb 6, 2014

Trump calls for a 'termination of all rules … even the Constitution' to install him as dictator

Mark Sumner

When Donald Trump led a violent insurrection on Jan. 6 in an attempt to overturn the election which ousted him from the White House, that should have been enough to underline his disdain for democracy and for America. But just in case anyone missed that, or any of his hundreds of other efforts to retain power regardless of the fact that he decisively lost the election, Trump went on his rapidly failing social media platform on Saturday to make it absolutely crystal clear.

Once again repeating his big lies about “fraud and deception” in the 2020 election, Trump called for the “termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution” in order to place him back in the White House.

The whole thing might seem utterly beyond-the-pale, were it not for the equally incredible reaction. Which appears to be a resounding who gives a f***?
Trump so regularly says something absolutely vile which should be offensive to the sensibilities of anyone who cares about facts, laws, history, or democracy has left all his statements in a kind of odd limbo. On the one hand, a former leader of the nation calling for the overthrow of the current government and installation of himself as the head, while explicitly calling for the Constitution to be pitched, seems like textbook sedition. On the other hand, Trump is just such a repetitive and consistent asshole, that raising the stakes to tossing the Constitution on the bonfire of his vanity, seems like just another Saturday.

Truthfully, there is great danger in paying too much attention to anything that Trump says. Even his most drooling followers have long since stopped listening to the words in his rally appearances. They just come to bask in the reflected orange glow of his better than Washington / Lincoln / Jesus wonderfulness. Trump knows how to hate the right people. That’s all that counts for those who love him.

It’s not as if Trump calling for an overthrow of the government is likely to lead to a violent uprising. This week. This week, Republicans will just be celebrating how with nothing more than words, Trump once again “owned the libs” and caused people to fume in outrage.

However, there’s a huge danger in dismissing any of this as “oh, that’s just Trump. Ignore him.” Because no one has done more to normalize racism, misogyny, xenophobia, anti-science, anti-journalism, anti-facts language than Trump. Every time he speaks like this and it doesn’t generate a powerful backlash, Trump has succeeded in moving the line for “political speech” a little further toward having “Kill them all, let God sort them out” as the platform of the Republican Party.

Will Trump be charged with sedition over this latest statement? He will not. Odds are good that not one Sunday morning talk show will even ask their Republican “guests” about the this latest demand for a monarchy.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t significant. Because no matter what any poll says, there are very good odds that Trump will be standing for election in 2024, and that half of America will be ready to automatically stamp that GOP button. So that Trump can take his lighter over to the Library of Congress and see how parchment burns.

Trump LITERALLY Calls for Termination of the Constitution in FREAK OUT Over Bogus FOX News Story

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Feb 6, 2014

Ukraine update: War, more war, and a glimpse of peace in the midst of war

Mark Sumner


Christmas shopping in Irpin. December 2, 2022.

When that picture above came up in the list of images from Getty this morning, I couldn’t resist. Because Irpin? This was Irpin the last time we looked at the suburb of Kyiv.


Soldiers help people across a destroyed bridge as they evacuate the city of Irpin, March 8, 2022.

What we last saw of Irpin was rows of abandoned cars and horrific scenes of empty strollers left behind on highways when people were forced to take their babies in their arms and run. Destroyed buildings and soldiers fighting tanks with NLAWS in the streets. That’s the Irpin we last looked in on.

But since then, things have changed.

As Russia withdrew from the area around Kyiv, the scenes revealed in towns like Irpin were almost unbelievable. Like something from a post-apocalyptic film.


Since then, the city has gone through a lot of clean up...


A woman photographs burnt cars with painted sunflowers. Irpin, Ukraine. August 17, 2022.

A lot of rebuilding.


Construction workers rebuilding a roof on an apartment building destroyed from Russian artillery. Irpin, Ukraine. October 24, 2022.

Some redecorating…


Local residents look at a Banksy painting on the wall of a destroyed residential building. Irpin, Ukraine. November 12, 2022.

And a return to normal life that’s almost as astounding as the destruction was horrifying.


A woman sells eggs at a sidewalk market. Irpin, Ukraine. December 2, 2022.

Like other cities temporarily occupied by Russia, the level of destruction in Irpin is still high. Those scars will be decades being smoothed out. Like almost everywhere in Ukraine right now, the city is suffering from a shortage of electricity and damaged water and gas lines. That’s still making life difficult for many of those who have returned to Irpin.

But in this week when power and water have also been restored to three-quarters of the homes in Kherson, it seems a good time to remember that healing happens.No one is forgotten, but life goes on.

And you can buy a Christmas tree in Irpin.

On September 6, Ukrainian forces launched a counterattack in Kharkiv that cut 20km deep into what had been Russian-held territory in just a matter of hours. Four days later, Ukraine had reached all the way to Kupyansk in the north, and back down to Izyum in the south. One week after the counteroffensive began, Ukraine had liberated all the territory west of the Oskil River. It almost seemed that all Ukraine needed to do was send a truck with a few special forces racing through an occupied town to cause Russia to go into a screaming retreat.

At the Oskil, things slowed down. Russia attempted to construct a defensive line, and took down multiple bridges. But the Oskil is not the Dnipro. It’s not anywhere near as broad, and with the rainy season still some weeks away, it was still near summer lows. Within a week, Ukraine was able to force multiple bridgeheads across that river. At the same time, Ukrainian forces crossed the Silverskyi Donets River to the south and began liberating villages along the approaches to Lyman.

But along a line of villages near that city, advances ground to a halt. The governor of Luhansk oblast had claimed Ukraine was in control of Lyman … but then, that governor had also claimed Russia had fled from not just Lyman, but Svatove and Starobilsk. He even claimed Russian was preparing to decamp from areas it had held since 2014.

The truth was that many of the Russian forces which had fled from Kharkiv had regrouped around Lyman and Svatove. For the remainder of September, Ukraine would pick up villages in eastern Kharkiv, work their way slowly down the chain of towns on the east side of the Oskil, all the while keeping up pressure on Lyman and nearby towns from the south. It wasn’t until Ukraine made a breakthrough at the end of the month, taking multiple locations just north of Lyman, that Russian forces began to withdraw. On October 1, Ukraine advanced into the edges of the nearly encircled city and the next day the Ukrainian flag was flying over the city center.

All of this is just prelude to saying that the situation in both Kreminna and Svatove isn’t unfamiliar—it looks a lot like Lyman. For the two months that have now passed since Lyman was liberated, Ukraine has continued to free up villages in the extreme east of Kharkiv and in western Luhansk.

However, things are moving more slowly. We’re not getting the news of one or more villages liberated every couple of days that made the liberation of Lyman seem inevitable, even if it wasn’t happening as quickly as the previous lightning advance had made us expect.

Let’s look at a couple of reasons why.


The first thing to talk about is roads.

In advancing to the Oskil, Ukraine could take advantage of multiple major highways and multiple crossing points from Kupyansk down to the town of Oskil. There is also a good secondary road running right along the eastern side of the river, so Ukrainian troops could either establish a bridgehead by forcing a crossing at towns along the river (which they did) or wait for assistance from forces pushing north or south from the next bridgehead (which they also did).

Not only could forces south of Lyman approach the city along another major highway, that highway was all firmly in areas that Ukraine had liberated, or which had been under Ukrainian control all along. Men and material could be delivered to Lyman’s doorstep. Once the area along the river was liberated, Ukraine could even move equipment right down to Lyman by rail.

As they captured towns north of the city, they didn’t just free those locations, they gained control of a network of good secondary roads which allowed Lyman to be surrounded, in force, by well-supplied troops. Meanwhile Russia could see that the single road not under Ukrainian control at the time — the secondary road running east to Kreminna — was their only escape route. So they took it. Ukraine was able to decimate Russian forces as they tried to depart the city, but a large portion of those Lyman survivors ran down that road and fell back behind forces already holding Kreminna.

Now look at the situation in approaching Svatove and Kreminna. When Ukraine was just beginning to cross the Oskil, many analysts were nearly frothing at the prospects for another rapid advance. Just about the only significant geographic feature in the whole area west of Starobilsk are some north-south lines of low hills. The rivers are small and easily bridged. There’s no bay or mountain range to block the way. There were visions of Ukrainian tanks rolling across this area as if they were the Soviets pouring through the Fulda Gap in planners Cold War nightmares.

Except that the roads don’t support this. The only highway running into this area from an area under Ukrainian control is the P07 from Kupyansk to Svatove. Ukraine has been taking advantage of this to move southeast, but unlike those roads to Lyman, they’re doing so with one flank always hanging in the wind. Not only could Russia launch mortar attacks and ambushes from the patches of woodland east of the highway, from a point about halfway between Kupyansk and Svatove the whole highway is under easy artillery range from Russian forces along the secondary road running north out of Svatove — a road that pretty much can’t be accessed without taking Svatove first.

If Russia can keep that highway under observation, then any advance on Svatove from the northwest happens under an artillery barrage from the east. That fighting up at Kuzemivka has been taking place with Russia lobbing in shells from a dozen kilometers to the east. Ukraine needs to take those positions out through counterbattery fire before the road can really be used to bring troops forward in force.

Immediately west of Svatove, Ukrainian troops are fighting their way forward along muddy tracks, many of which weren’t paved even before tanks began chewing away the road surface. They don’t just have to get tanks down those routes, they have to keep their supply trucks — unless they want to end up like Russia on the approach to Kyiv.

However, down at Kreminna, there are at least two decent paved roads that connect to the P66 highway. One of those is that road that Russia fled down from Lyman to Kreminna. The other is a secondary route that cuts east from Makiivka.


The importance of these secondary roads connecting the area around Lyman with that around Kreminna isn’t lost on Russia. Not only have they mined and heavily defended that road running straight into Kreminna, the only significant counter attack they’ve made as Ukraine has advanced to the east was right in this area. Russia made multiple attacks on Nevske and and Makiivka, at times forcing Ukrainian troops to evacuate the towns as artillery rained down. It took more than two weeks before Ukraine was able to push Russian forces back from these towns and secure their hold on that entrance to the northern secondary road.

Ukraine also knows this is a critical area. They’ve made multiple runs at moving forces down the road to Ploshchanka and at least once managed to attack Russian troops in Krasnorichenske. However, it seems to be only in the last week that Ukraine has secured Ploshchanka sufficiently to move forces through the town and onto the P66.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Ukrainian forces have now entered the highway east of Ploshchanka, pushed south past Holykove, and are engaged in combat with Russian troops at Zhytlivka. They are also attempting to liberate Holykove because, while the town is off the highway, it is one of those locations from which Russia can easily attack forces moving on the road.

Remember the intensity with which everyone once followed what was going on at Drobysheve, Derylove, and other towns in the immediate circle around Lyman? That’s where Ukraine is now at Kreminna. In fact, Zhytlivka is closer to Kreminna than any of those towns was to Lyman. And, at the same time that they are fighting at Zhytlivka, Ukrainian forces are also pressing through the wooded area south of Kreminna. On Friday, they were reported to be within 2km of the city. If this video is genuine, then it’s the most incredibly open woodland I’ve ever seen.

The TL;DR version? The situation at Kreminna not only looks a lot like Ukraine’s approach to taking Lyman, it looks a lot like the final days before Lyman was liberated.

That doesn’t mean you should expect to see a “Ukrainian forces have entered Kreminna” update over the next day or two. But it means you shouldn’t be that surprised if you do.

The combination of mud, road positions, and the concentration of Russian forces that used to be spread out over all of Luhansk and Kharkiv is definitely making this situation harder on Ukraine. But it’s a long way from a stalemate. Even Russian propaganda channels are now reporting that Ukraine has “gained an advantage” near Kreminna and is “having some successes.”

Once Ukraine takes Kreminna things will be really interesting. Because then they will be positioned on that major highway with clear supply lines to the west. And that road doesn’t just run north toward Svatove, it also runs south to Severodonetsk.


That’s at least 17 Su-34s documented as lost in this invasion. These are 21st century planes, which first entered active service in 2014. Russia has only built around 140. For comparison, over the whole history of the F-16, the U.S. has built more than 8,000 planes of which five have been lost to ground fire. (Unlike the F-15, which has a perfect record, an F-16 has been shot down in air to air combat … with another F-16.)
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