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Feb 11, 2009
Chester County, PA
Despite the weather I had a great time at the game today. While I tailgated with, and was mostly walking with, all RU folks I did not get a single cat call all day. We had some drunk and obnoxious PSU students sitting behind us for the first half, so in a way the shoe was on the other foot from all of the horror stories I've heard. Even the oft butchered shuttle system to the RAC parking lot was calm and efficient.

In fact the guys I was with who are long time Rutgers season ticket holders, optimistically shared much of Al's positives, but pessimistically knew how the game would play out. Their D was good early and the offense moved the ball.

Under normal circumstances we would be looking at a much closer game at halftime...kickoff returns for touchdowns and defensive scores are rarities for us. Things snowballed and ended up just as even the most wishful RU fan wouldn't have foreseen when they were up 10-7.

Al is awesome....don't stop believing! See you next year!
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May 29, 2001
your comments lack context. This will be our quarterbacks third game. He turned the ball over three times against Michigan in the 2nd half, because Michigan dropped their Linebackers into coverage, and he failed to notice that. He bounced back against Michigan State and did not turn the ball over. He is a work in progress who will one day be a Superstar.
This is not his third game. This is his second season and the 11th game overall he played in. This is his 5th game as a starter and has show little development over the past two years. The kid is simply not ready. There is nothing to indicate he will be a supers star at this point.