Senile or not, Biden has betrayed America


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May 29, 2001
August 27, 2021

Senile or not, Biden has betrayed America​

By Patricia McCarthy

President Biden's dementia no longer explains the destructive policies his administration has implemented since taking office. The horror that took thirteen American lives in Kabul on Wednesday is intentional; there is no other explanation. This is purposeful.

Biden may be out to lunch, but those around him are not. They are calling the shots; it is Klain, Blinken, Austin, Milley, McKenzie, Sullivan, et al. who have brought us to the lowest the nation has ever found itself: voluntarily defeated, at home and abroad.

Susan Rice, Eric Holder, and Obama are likely part of the left's destroy-America crowd. Pelosi and Schumer are their second string, their tools.

The brilliant Lara Logan, who spent a year in Afghanistan, has no doubt that what has happened is intentional, that none of it would have occurred if it were not part of a plan. That is the only explanation that makes sense. Logan divides those responsible into three groups: the dimwits, the half-wits, and the full-wits. The dimwits are those who do the left's bidding. The half-wits want to be part of the agenda but are almost as clueless. The full-wits are those pulling the strings, making things happen for their own traitorous reasons, the ones who use and abuse the dimwits and half-wits.

As anyone can see, the Biden team is incompetent, blinded by its own feckless ideology — but these people think they know best, that they are in charge of America's managed decline. And they're pleased with their role. They are enemies of America. The blood of those thirteen soldiers who died in Kabul is on their hands. They orchestrated it, invited it, let it happen.

To this crowd, the loss of American lives is a small price to pay for what they think will be the glory of ending the war in Afghanistan. They are clueless that they've begun WWIII in earnest.

Does anyone doubt that Biden is doing China's bidding? He closed Bagram, the most important air base in the world, near China and Iran. China wanted the U.S. out of Afghanistan for a host of economic and its own national security Biden made it happen.

His pathetic speech on Thursday was too little, too late. It was muddled, confused, and wholly lacking in seriousness.

YouTube screen grab.
He blamed Trump's deal with the Taliban, which was holding; no American had died in that country in eighteen months. Biden, determined to undo everything Trump did, no matter how productive, upended it in hopes of orchestrating a victory speech on 9/11. He ignored, apparently, all the advice of people with actual knowledge of the facts on the ground and went ahead with his mind-numbed get-out-now-no-matter-the-cost plan he thought would cement his legacy. Well, that it did; his legacy will be as the most blundering, demented, and destructive president in U.S. history.

As Steve Bannon often states, "Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences." The blood of those soldiers is on the hands of all those big tech wannabe oligarchs, co-opted faux journalists, and the news readers of the media who willingly sold their souls to defeat the best president since Reagan. It is on the hands of the Democrats who knew of and were on board with the massive cheating that they were all privy to; remember that it was Pelosi who said that "whatever the end count is," Joe Biden will be "inaugurated on January 20."

Talk about saying the quiet part out loud! They, the Democrats, were all in on the steal. And because of their pathological hatred of Trump, because of their foolish installation of Joe Biden as president, a mediocrity if there ever were one, thirteen soldiers were sacrificed on one day, murdered on Thursday by the terrorists who move freely among the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda. In the end, they are all the same: 10th-century barbarians with cell phones and U.S.-made weapons.

There will likely be thousands more killed in the coming months — with the massive supply of weapons for which Americans paid. Hostage Americans and U.S.-friendly Afghanis will be sought out and murdered.

The Biden team's trust of the Taliban is as criminally stupid as Chamberlain's trust that Hitler would honor his promise not to invade Czechoslovakia. Bizarrely, Biden calls himself a student of history! He did so in his speech on Thursday. He is a student of exactly nothing but criminally enriching himself and his family.

There can no longer be any doubt that Biden, a man obviously suffering from dementia, sold his soul to any buyer long before he became Obama's V.P. Now he is the "imbecilic," as Tony Blair put it, instrument of a group of radical anti-American quislings bent on transforming America into a Soviet/Maoist/Venezuelan-style totalitarian country of serfs ruled by a thoroughly amoral elite. That's their plan, and they are sticking to it. They must be defeated. The deaths of those thirteen soldiers must be a wake-up moment. Biden must be impeached, and his Cabinet should be fired. This is a group of people, aligned with the Democrat party, who truly do mean to transform the U.S. into everything the Founders hoped to prevent with our Declaration, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.


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Aug 20, 2003
Great read. Missed it over the weekend.

Modern democrats do seem to do everything they can to harm Americans and America.
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May 29, 2001
Good stuff. Thanks for posting. A few comments if I may...

First, re who's in charge. Most definitely it's rule by committee, similar to China's politburo of unelected officials calling the shots. It's Obama holdovers like Klain, Rice, et al and not the mainstream democrats.

Love Lara Logan's work but I believe she's wrong on the planning. There was none! I believe Biden had an episode or two they could not control. As a caregiver for a dementia person there's not much you can do but let it run its course. You accommodate the person and prevent them from hurting themselves. I believe this explains why Bagram was abandoned and why troops pulled out completely. What Austin and Milley are saying now is just CYA for their boss. It's time for Biden to have a presidential physical, complete with cognitive tests.

I also believe you can put most anything on the teleprompter and he will read it. I sensed that since Tulsa when he called essentially all white people domestic terrorists. Simply put, the dude is gone.

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