What exactly are MAGA proposals that are destroying our country?


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Feb 5, 2003
So sorry for sharing my nonsense point of view, so I'll shit up and leave you to your own views.
It is nonsense. What we should be doing is concentrating on those who can't find work but want to work.
Your ridiculous view has never led to the solutions we need.


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May 29, 2001
Not sure I understand your point. Everywhere I look, there are "now hiring" signs posted. And with offers of higher pay, but few want to work.
yea, the participation rate is really low. That's part of the reason the unemployment rate is so low, fewer people want to work. it's esier to stand by the mailbox and wait for "my check"
We have an intersection where the four corners includes about 5 or 6 fact food places all with help wanted signs outside. Every day there at least 2, sometimes four, beggars for handouts working the cars. crazy!!!
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