It Just Keeps Getting Better ( Or Worse If You're An Awful Leftist)

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Nov 20, 2019

The video starts as many attack ads do: an ominous voice invoking fear. In this case, though, the video doesn’t target any particular candidate but an entire political party: Democrats. And the subject isn’t one that typically induces terror, like crime, but education.
“Kids are back in the classroom, and Democrats? They’re back to their propaganda, pushing woke ideology like gender fluidity, mandating vaccines, enforcing masks on our children,” warns the video, produced and shared on social media by the Republican National Committee in September. Images of Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris fade in and out of view, accompanied by scenes of a teacher reminding her students that gender isn’t binary and another taping a mask to a child’s face.

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“Back to school should be driven by parents,” the narrator concludes. “Not Democrat indoctrination.”
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Democrats have long been seen as the country’s “education party,” enjoying most voters’ trust on such issues. But public perceptions have shifted since the onset of the pandemic.
Last year, conservatives secured seats on dozens of school boards across the country on campaigns targeting critical race theory. More could soon join them, with their campaigns now targeting LGBTQ+ lessons, too. One poll this summer of likely voters in 62 congressional battleground districts suggests Republicans now have an advantage over Democrats on education.

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Republican Blake Masters, a U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona, holds a press conference with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and former Vice President Mike Pence at a school choice event earlier this month.

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