Journeyman world classic


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Mar 27, 2017
The journeyman is happening this weekend and there a bunch of top ranked kids wrestling and there are also some very good foreigners who are entered. You can watch or follow along on Flo. Meyer Shapiro won at 152 beating Jackson Arrington in the semis and a kid from Kazakstan in the finals. I think the kid from Kazakstan took 5th at cadet worlds in 2019. I wish Shapiro would have went at 145 however. The winner was Javolov from Uzbekistan who is a cadet world champion from 2019. He beat Finn Solomon 10-0 in the finals. Solomon beat Pierson Manville in the semis. PJ Duke beat Koy Buesgens in the finals at 138. Luke Lilledahl beat Leo DeLuca in the 120 finals. Mitch Mesenbrink beat Nicco Ruiz at 160 and Jimmy Mullen won at heavyweight. I think they now do a dual tournament of some kind. Not entirely sure how it works. I watched the Shapiro-Arrington match which Meyer won 10-6. Meyer looked a little out of shape and in the first period was trying some low percentage stuff that didn’t work. Also got sloppy and gave up 2 when trying to ground Arrington from the quad pod. Tried to gut him and ended up on his back giving Arrington 2. Was a fun match and one I was hoping to see. Shapiro at PSU would be about perfect. His style just fits perfectly. Him and Levi as training partners 🙏
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