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Jul 4, 2005
When there's a clear pattern of it, absolutely yes. Tony Nelson made no attempt to initiate top offense vs Gwiz, purely followed him around until the ref finally caught on.
So my question as someone who never wrestled is, why can some guys seemingly not get ridden very much? Furthermore, why are some guys even kind of feared to try to ride (thinking KOT and Riddler)?

In other words, I hear a lot of the pleas about riding time, stalling on top, etc. But some folks seem to not only get out from bottom/adjust, some even turn it into scoring situations. Part of the issue could be stalling on top, but shouldn't we also ask that guys on bottom also just get better? Kerk had the issue with Cass, made an adjustment within the season, and didn't have the problem anymore.

My only point is that stalling on top is probably an issue, but I feel like we also should as that guys not expect that if they just look active on bottom that the official will then begin to bail them out by hitting top guy for stalling.


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May 11, 2012
Nick Lee is a solid young man and an unassuming yet great leader in the best wrestling room in the land.

One thing I'd like to mention -- I wish there was a stat for it -- he is among the best I've ever seen after getting a single leg. What % end in a takedown? It has to be high, there's not a whizzer he cannot defeat. Even the best end neutral most times with a whizzer defense.
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