Mastriano destroyed Oz and gave the Senate to the evil 🤡 party

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Nov 27, 2012
An altered state
MAGA write off a national health care system as if it's a fairytale. It's a fairytale told by almost every major industrial nation except the USA.
I saw a chart which said that there are 530,000 medical bankruptcies in America every year. Medical indebtedness is the #1 cause of bankruptcies in the United States.
More than half of Americans think being treated for a medical condition can be worse than the medical condition because of the cost. 45% of Americans think a major health issue would bankrupt them.

You think our youth are selfish and foolish to want universal health care? Then it's you that is selfish and foolish. It's "SOCIALISM"!!! ---- the boogeyman of the rightwing, right up there with Alinski.

Look at it economically, MAGA moneygrubbers. A single-payer system would save massive amounts of cash. Insurance companies wouldn't be a major component of every aspect of the health system.

Lots of countries that no one but an ideologue would call "socialist" have forms of universal healthcare and no one cries about the destruction of society.

Get a life.
Hey, you foolish young whippersnapper. The Senate just voted to end the Wuhan emergency declaration.....which is what Biden used to justify cancelling college student debt loans. Meaning no loan bailout now. So now that the election is over, and they don’t need you anymore, they toss you out with the rest of the garbage. How does it feel to know they bought your vote Nd didn‘t pay for it? Sorta like the FTX scheme you got taken!😹