Official PSU - Illinois game thread

BW Lion

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Apr 9, 2020
We lose our best DL and then the coaches are surprised Illinois goes jumbo and runs the ball down our throat. I can't even. Love CJF but really?
We should have 2-3 comparable DL's to backfill. Please, no more excuses from you Franklin Fan Boyz.

bourbon n blues

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Nov 20, 2019
Huh...that retort makes no sense. So, because I'm tired of excuse makers that correlates to me not watching? Lol ok
Watching is getting hard. I think psu is going to stay at a certain level , good but always disappointing . Things have changed since the mid 60s to mid 90s. Lolol.
Osu has the niche of the cold weather decent team. Like the Highlander , there can be only one.
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Jul 29, 2013
The problem with these damn "explosives" is that our entire team and coaching staff sits around waiting for someone to make one. The offensive line, the backs, the coaches, they don't commit to their part in manufacturing offense, they just wait for in years past and present Barkley or Dotson or trace or cliff to just run around and make a couple a game. If they don't, we can't really beat anyone. I was very concerned during the Villanova game when we just wanted to manufacture a little offense, big plays were already on the scoreboard, and we couldn't. If the coaches and the team don't take real accountability to get 2 yards in 3rd and 2, then this will repeat for years to come. Recruit big nasty 3 stars on the o line and just tell them you get push, or your on the bench.


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Sep 22, 2019
Meh. Time to face reality. The Vanderbilt rumor were probably true. Both Bielema and Ferentz try to rush the football. And Ferentz doesn't make comments like he made about the faking of injuries, that's out of character.

We need to start considering all of this. Smoke / Fire.
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