A few more bangs to ignore......

2 police officers and 1 firefighter killed responding to a domestic incident outside Minneapolis, governor says

Two police officers and a firefighter are dead and other officers were injured after responding to a domestic incident Sunday in Burnsville, Minnesota, the state’s governor said.

“Horrific news from Burnsville. While responding to a call of a family in danger, two police officers and one firefighter lost their lives, and other officers were injured,” Gov. Tim Walz posted online.

“We must never take for granted the bravery and sacrifices our police officers and first responders make every day. My heart is with their families today and the entire State of Minnesota stands with Burnsville,” Walz said. The governor added that flags would be flown at half-staff across Minnesota on Monday and the state Department of Public Safety is “coordinating with local law enforcement to conduct an investigation.”.....

Biden’s Low Marks on the Economy Reflect Reality

Bidenomics is a failure. Just like Biden himself.

1.) The economy is not adding high-paying, full-time jobs that come with benefits.

2.) With 60% of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck, it’s no surprise that so many of them have gotten extra jobs as they rack up $1.1 trillion in credit det.

3.) The benefits of “Bidenomics” go to a few, and Americans as a whole come last.
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Recruits postseason is underway

Our guys in the PIAA postaseason:

Mason Gibson (133, Bishop McCort SR, 36-5): D6 AA BRACKETS
Gibson is somehow the 3-seed at Districts. He will very likely face Penns Valley SR Colten Shunk (24-6) in the finals. Shunk is a familiar name, an M2 guy and I think is uncommitted, but he's probably coming our way too. Gibson will likely bonus his way thru Districts.

Brock Weiss (139, Jersey Shore SR, 24-0): D4/9 AAA BRACKETS
Weiss is somehow the 2 seed at Districts behind DuBois SR Davey Aughenbaugh (32-8). Weiss should bonus his way thru Districts.

Dalton Perry (139, Central Mountain JR, 27-2): D6 AAA BRACKETS
Perry is rightly the 1 seed. This is a horrible bracket -- only 1 other wrestler with a winning record, and that guy is 13-11. Perry should pin his way thru this field.

Note, Perry and Weiss will both be in the NW AAA Regional next weekend.

Ty Watson (152, Penns Valley SR, 27-3): D6 AA BRACKETS
Watson is the 3 seed in a top-heavy bracket. He will likely face 2x regional champ Trent Hoover (Penn Cambria SR, 34-3) in the semis. Win that and he gets McCort freshman Melvin Miller (45-3) in the finals. Either way, he should advance to SW AA regionals next weekend.

Asher Cunningham (160, State College JR, 28-1): D6 AAA BRACKETS
Cunningham is the 1 seed, and ranked #1 in the state. There are 2 decent wrestlers in the bottom half, but neither will threaten him.

A dose of reality regarding immigration

"We're being invaded!" "Great Replacement Theory!" "It's an open border!" Yada, yada, yada.

Here's the reality. According to a report prepared by the Pew Research Center, the illegal immigrant population in the U.S. peaked at 12.2 million people in 2007, when George W. Bush was president. It stood at 10.4 million in 2021, a 14% decrease compared to 2007. During that same period, legal immigration increased by 29%.

These immigration figures, according to Pew, “do not reflect changes that have occurred since apprehensions and expulsions of migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border stared increasing in March 2021."

Here's a link to the article discussing the report:

Large Marge loses at the Supreme Court

Just like she did at the District Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals. Now, she will have to pay the over $100,000 in fines she racked up for proudly defying the rule requiring House members to wear a mask while on the House floor at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. She flouted that rule while also announcing that she had not received any kind of Covid vaccination. The same goes for her partner in non-masking and litigating, Thomas Massie.

BWAHAHAHAHA!! Mask up or pay up, Large Marge!

So 81-year-old Joe Biden talks about his sex life with his aids?

spare me. First, not only would this be in direct violation of every HR policy in the nation, it is not true.

That guy will lie about anything to get votes. he is obviously trying to tell you that he is not old. As Jon Daily said, "did you film it?" because everything we are seeing clearly shows he is old and has lost it.

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KYPSW 2023-24

The contest has three components: the dual season, B1G and NCAAs, with a corresponding increase in points. There is a podium for each of the individual parts, and then one Grand Champion walks away with the bragging rights that come along with winning a contest that takes place on an obscure sports message board. That, plus amazing prizes, which are still in the mail from all previous years. I know we have former winners who still go to the mailbox every day, anticipating their just rewards. I still don’t understand how the post office continues to lose those year after year.

Due to the long season, about 65 people usually start out in the first dual, but by the end, only 35, or so, have actually competed in all of the duals. Hopefully, you’ve all been working on your conditioning, and are ready to get after it.

Now, without further ado...

Here are the rules for the KYPSW Dual Season portion.

· Prior to each dual meet (usually by Wed night), I (or one of my able assistants) will post the expected PSU lineup*.

· Prior to the start of a dual, each participant in our competition posts his/her predicted winner and type of victory (dec, major, tech, or fall) for each match in the dual. Injury defaults or DQs count as falls. For each match prediction, you get 2 points for calling the correct winner, plus 1 bonus point for calling the correct type of victory. No points are awarded unless you call the correct winner.

· Predictions for each event must be posted in the KYPSW thread on whichever board you choose (and posted prior to the start of the event) to count for point-scoring. Please only post predictions on one board, PARTICULARLY if you have different names on each board.

· When the posted lineups suggest multiple possible matchups in a weight class and a member posts picks for only a subset of those possible matchups, no points will be awarded to said member for the weight class if the pick fails to include the matchup that ultimately takes place.

· When a PSU opponent forfeits a weight-class during a Dual, every FOS participant in that event will be awarded full point-value for the match (2 pts) and bonus (1 pt) [total = 3 pts]. This applies only to Forfeits where the opponent does not step onto the mat -- Injury Defaults and Disqualifications are not considered Forfeits (they will be counted as Falls, as noted in original text above).

· I will compile and score results, posting weekly updates.

· Highest scorer at season's end** is awarded bragging rights for being the FOS/BWI/ON3 Dual Season Champion.

* The lineup will not always be certain; when things look iffy, I will try to post multiple wrestlers at a given weight class, and participants should post their predictions for each wrestler. Generally, I will try to base the lineup on what is presented in the "Match Notes" published by PSU several days prior to the event.
** Tiebreaker Criteria -- Criterion 1: most correct picks; Criterion 2: most correct win types; Criterion 3: most FOS OR HVI OR whatever other board I run the contest on.

IA@OK St. & MO@IA St. duals; Sun Feb 25

Battle of the two best college wrestling Schools in History is coming up!

My predictions:

125- Ayala dec Spratley 3-0
133- Fix mdec Teske 3-4
141- Woods dec Jamison 6-4
149- Voinovich dec Williams 9-4
157- Franek dec Travis 12-4
165- Caliendo dec Olejnik 15-4
174- Kennedy dec Thompson 18-4
184- Plott mdec Riggins 18-8
197- Glazier dec Surber 21-8
HWT- Doucette dec Hill 21-11

Some good individual matchups here that could go either way.
125, 149, 165, 197 and possibly 184 and HWT if Arnold and Keuter wrestle. I always look forward to this dual every year. Big rivalry!
This is one of the best matchups of the season. 125, 149, 165, 174, and 197 all could go either way and all have really intriguing matchups (Spratley vs Ayala is one I'm looking really forward to). Even 141 and 157, which are two weights that should favor Iowa, will be competitive. I'll take a 5-5 split of the matches and give a point or two edge to Ok St based on bonus potential at 133 and 184 (if Riggins).

Tony Bobulinski speaks

From his opening statement last week:


Chairmen, Ranking Members, and Members of Congress,

Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. I am happy that the American people will finally hear the facts and evidence that I have been trying to outline for over four years, all backed up and supported by emails, texts, documents, records, pictures, and other evidence. The facts we are going to discuss today are important for America's national security, and I can only hope that everyone in this room and all representatives and officers of the U.S. Government take them seriously.

My name is Tony Bobulinski. I am a proud American citizen who has honorably served the United States in several capacities. For over six years, I was an officer in the United States Navy’s elite Naval Nuclear Power Training Command as a decorated Master Training Specialist Instructor. I later served as the Command's Chief Technology Officer, where I held a Q security clearance from the Department of Energy and from the National Security Agency. When I left NNPTC, I was the number-one-ranked Direct Input Officer (DIO) in the entire command in my final Navy Fitness Report or FITREP.

I am here today out of duty to God and country in a nonpartisan manner with only one party in mind, the party I served with honor and gratitude: the United States of America. While I have made a few campaign contributions over the years to Democrats, such as Congressman Ro Khanna, a member of the Oversight Committee, I am not a political person. I come from a family with a long history of distinguished service in our nation’s military. I grew up the son of a career Naval Officer, CDR Robert Bobulinski, whom I loved dearly. I could not be prouder of my father’s long and distinguished service to our great nation. His father, Alex Bobulinski, served our country in the Air Force for four years. I am also the grandson of Army Intelligence Officer Col. Fred B. Keller Jr., who, for more than thirty-seven years, fearlessly defended the United States all over the world and served in three different wars. My only brother, retired CDR Mike Bobulinski, is a twenty-eight-year combat-serving Naval Flight Officer, and my only sister, Stacia Bobulinski, has spent the last eighteen years serving U.S. military veterans across the country through the Veterans AdministraCon to demonstrate her and our family’s gratitude to everyone who has risked their lives defending America.

I share my extensive U.S. military roots and background with you because they are the lens through which I view this exceptional country and my responsibility to it. My deep commitment to America is also the reason I have elected to place myself and my family in the public eye, to tell the truth before you today. That comes at a great cost to my privacy, my personal security, and that of my family, among other things. However, I am happy to pay that cost. I am blessed to have been born and to grow up in the greatest country on earth. I take that seriously. Having been to over fifty countries around the world, I say that with the highest confidence.

For nearly four years, I have tried to tell the American people the truth about serious corruption at the very top of their government. In return, I have been falsely accused of being a purveyor of “Russian disinformation” and a political surrogate. My continuous efforts to inform the American people of the facts have been actively suppressed by both the United States Government and the so-called “mainstream” media.

I want to be crystal clear: from my direct personal experience and what I have subsequently come to learn, it is clear to me that Joe Biden was “the Brand” being sold by the Biden family. His family’s foreign influence peddling operation – from China to Ukraine and elsewhere – sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government. Joe Biden was more than a participant in and beneficiary of his family’s business; he was an enabler despite being buffered by a complex scheme to maintain plausible deniability.

The only reason any of these international business transactions took place – with tens of millions of dollars flowing directly to the Biden family – was because Joe Biden was in high office. The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period. Other key players have made this point clear as well: Hunter Biden himself has adamantly stated it in a variety of communications, as did another Biden family business associate, Devon Archer, in his testimony last year. Foreign nationals on the other side of these transactions – including from China, Ukraine, and Romania – have also explained how and why these transactions took place. Once again, I would call that extensive evidence.

The Chinese Communist Party, through its surrogate, China Energy Company Limited, or “CEFC” – a CCP-linked Chinese energy conglomerate – successfully sought to infiltrate and compromise Joe Biden and the Obama-Biden White House. This process started in the fourth quarter of 2015 and continued from when Joe Biden left office in January 2017 to March 2018, when CEFC Chairman Ye was detained for corruption in China, never to be seen again. Note that on October 21, 2015, Joe Biden announced that he would not seek the Presidency in 2016. It is not a coincidence that CEFC's aggressive approach to the Biden family happened around the same time. It is also not a coincidence that CEFC used the Biden family’s weakest link, Hunter Biden, and the promise of large sums of money to the tune of tens of millions of dollars initially and, eventually, the profits from investing billions of dollars in the United States and around the world.

Before we begin this in-depth testimony under penalty of perjury and charges of obstruction of Congress, I would like to highlight a few critically important facts:

1. Joe Biden was aware of the CEFC transaction, enabled it, and had a constitutional responsibility and obligation to the American people to shut it down before it began. This is because CEFC had been identified as a known surrogate of the Chinese Communist Party by the U.S. Government and prosecutors in the Southern District of New York as far back as 2016, possibly earlier. I would encourage Congress to gather all of the exact facts and dates. It is clear to me that alarm bells should have been going off in the Obama-Biden White House and that Joe Biden should have been aware that his own administration had red-flagged CEFC as a tool of the Chinese Communist Party. This should have made any business transaction with CEFC a non-starter.

I personally met with Joe Biden in Los Angeles in May of 2017 multiple times, to discuss the broad contours of our business dealings. The only reason Joe Biden met with me privately during the Milken Institute Global Conference and seated me at his head table was because I was a business associate of the Biden family.

2. Joe Biden’s immediate family members were enriched to the tune of tens of millions of dollars from some of our most dangerous adversaries, including the Chinese Communist Party and players from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, and other foreign nations and entities. It is my educated belief, dating back to Q clearance briefings I received in the Navy and continuing through recent discussions with experts, that under U.S. corruption laws, political office holders can be held as responsible as the immediate family members who are receiving money directly. This makes common sense, and Americans understand this. The facts we are going to discuss today appear to me to present disturbing evidence, which these committees should thoroughly investigate, with respect to possible violations by Joe Biden of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity statutes, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

3. The Biden family – Joe’s son Hunter and his brother Jim - knowingly and aggressively defrauded me as the CEO of SinoHawk Holdings and as a member of Oneida Holdings, LLC, at the end of July 2017. They put Joe Biden and the rest of the Biden family smack in the middle of a $9 Billion transaction between Russia and China involving Qatar (specifically, the Qatar Investment Authority) and helped CEFC navigate through various issues before Patrick Ho, a CEFC executive, was arrested for corruption in New York in November 2017. Joe Biden’s status as the head of the family served an enforcement role – for example, when Hunter stated deliberately that his father Joe was sitting right next to him while demanding immediate payment of the $10 million CEFC had committed to the Biden family, as well as when Hunter demanded CEFC circumvent SinoHawk Holdings. The Biden family violated their fiduciary duties to SinoHawk and Oneida as they enriched themselves at the CEFC trough.

4. United States law enforcement appears to have been singularly unwilling to speak with me or to hear the facts we will be discussing today. I have never been contacted to provide testimony nor asked to speak with anyone connected with Joe Biden’s administration, including his Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, or local law enforcement. That includes U.S. Attorney David Weiss for the District of Delaware or any of the several grand juries I now know were convened after my name became publicly known. On October 23, 2020, I voluntarily walked into the Washington Field Office of the FBI with several phones containing years of encrypted communications between me and numerous members of the Biden family and their associates. That conversation, which was subject to False Statement statutes, lasted many hours and was never followed up upon by anyone in government or law enforcement in any way. Rather, when the House Ways and Means Committee recently released the FBI 302 report of that meeting, Hunter Biden’s lawyers laughably tried to use a single note-taking error by a junior FBI agent to accuse me, falsely, of lying about my attendance at a meeting with Hunter Biden and CEFC in Miami. I was crystal clear to the agent in my interview that I was physically in Miami during that time for other things and did not attend the actual CEFC meeting. Hunter Biden’s lawyers should focus their energy on the facts and the extensive indictments Hunter is fighting versus creating smoke screens and distractions with their empty threats. I have only told the truth, I continue to tell the truth, I have the facts and, as we will discuss today, I also have the receipts to back them up.

I sit here before two of the premiere committees of Congress: Oversight and Judiciary. I implore each and every one of you to remove your partisan hats today and focus on one party: the United States of America. I hope your focus will be on a thorough and extensive investigation and exposure of all of the facts and evidence - and on answering the question of how we as a country allowed the White House to be infiltrated by our most existential adversary, the Chinese Communist Party. I also hope you will hold the complicit parties, including Joe Biden, accountable for their actions, as well as enact new laws that prevent this kind of deep corruption from ever happening again.

God Bless America! I am ready for your questions.
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Anti Abortion and now Anti Embryo?

Thank you Republican politicians, we won in November.This is an attack on upper middle class white females since vitro fertilization is so expensive.

We learned give them an inch and they take a mile. We won’t get fooled again.
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