Why Are We Arguing? It’s intentional

Enough con/lib crap. We’re being robbed blind by corrupt pieces of trash I wouldn’t hit the brakes for.

DC idiots have ruined this country. Literally fell for something that dates back to the Soviet days of how to kill america. We’re dead. Our society sucks, the Fauci parade of simon says and most fell in line.

The conspiracy nuts were correct, but i’m not sticking around to find out.

KYPSW 2022-23

The contest has three components: the dual season, B1G and NCAAs, with a corresponding increase in points. There is a podium for each of the individual parts, and then one Grand Champion walks away with the bragging rights that come along with winning a contest that takes place on an obscure sports message board. That, plus amazing prizes, which are still in the mail from all previous years. I know we have former winners who still go to the mailbox every day, anticipating their just rewards. I still don’t understand how the post office continues to lose those year after year.

Due to the long season, about 65 people usually start out in the first dual, but by the end, only 35, or so, have actually competed in all of the duals. Hopefully, you’ve all been working on your conditioning, and are ready to get after it.

Now, without further ado...

Here are the rules for the KYPSW Dual Season portion.

· Prior to each dual meet (usually by Wed night), I (or one of my able assistants) will post the expected PSU lineup*.

· Prior to the start of a dual, each participant in our competition posts his/her predicted winner and type of victory (dec, major, tech, or fall) for each match in the dual. Injury defaults or DQs count as falls. For each match prediction, you get 2 points for calling the correct winner, plus 1 bonus point for calling the correct type of victory. No points are awarded unless you call the correct winner.

· Predictions for each event must be posted in the KYPSW thread on whichever board you choose (and posted prior to the start of the event) to count for point-scoring. Please only post predictions on one board, PARTICULARLY if you have different names on each board.

· When the posted lineups suggest multiple possible matchups in a weight class and a member posts picks for only a subset of those possible matchups, no points will be awarded to said member for the weight class if the pick fails to include the matchup that ultimately takes place.

· When a PSU opponent forfeits a weight-class during a Dual, every FOS participant in that event will be awarded full point-value for the match (2 pts) and bonus (1 pt) [total = 3 pts]. This applies only to Forfeits where the opponent does not step onto the mat -- Injury Defaults and Disqualifications are not considered Forfeits (they will be counted as Falls, as noted in original text above).

· I will compile and score results, posting weekly updates.

· Highest scorer at season's end** is awarded bragging rights for being the FOS/BWI/ON3 Dual Season Champion.

* The lineup will not always be certain; when things look iffy, I will try to post multiple wrestlers at a given weight class, and participants should post their predictions for each wrestler. Generally, I will try to base the lineup on what is presented in the "Match Notes" published by PSU several days prior to the event.
** Tiebreaker Criteria -- Criterion 1: most correct picks; Criterion 2: most correct win types; Criterion 3: most FOS OR BWI posts.***

***This tiebreaker criteria is going to be really screwed up this year, with the BWI board going away. Additional thought will be given to it, and will likely be changed mid-season.

OT - 9 year old PA kid graduates from high school

Bucks County boy graduates high school at 9 and is member of MENSA (sorry if below pastes funny using my phone)

9-year-old boy graduates from Harrisburg-based high school
Updated: 6:52 PM EST Feb 3, 2023
Barbara Barr

High school graduation is always a special time in a student's life.
But for a Bucks County boy, his graduation is making history – he's just 9 years old.

David Balogun received a diploma from Reach Cyber Charter School, which is based in Harrisburg.
"They didn't bog me down. They also advocated for me, saying, 'He can do this. He can do that,'" Balogun said.
He took classes remotely from his home in Bensalem. He loves science and computer programming.
"I want to be an astrophysicist, and I want to study black holes and supernovas," he said.
Balogun's parents have advanced degrees but raising a young son with extraordinary intellectual gifts is challenging.

"I had to get outside of the box. Playing pillow fights when you're not supposed to, throwing the balls in the house. He's a 9-year-old with the brain that has the capacity to understand and comprehend a lot of concepts beyond his years and sometimes beyond my understanding," Balogun's mother, Ronya, said.
A member of Mensa, Balogun credits a number of favorite teachers.
He taught them a thing or two in just the few years it took him to get through the 12th grade.
"David was an inspirational kid, definitely one who changes the way you think about teaching," science teacher Cody Derr said.
After completing a semester at Bucks County Community College, Balogun's family is looking at colleges and universities to try to find the right fit.
"Am I going to throw my 9-year-old into Harvard while I'm living in PA? No," Balogun's father, Henry, said.
Balogun's favorite thing is learning, but he also plays sports and the piano. He's working on his black belt in the martial arts.

The state of our union under Biden: A weaker, less secure, more divided America

Sounds about right.


Next week, President Joe Biden will address Congress on the state of the union , as the Constitution dictates. He ought to take an honest look at the country and the many problems it faces — problems his administration has either created or worsened.

Over the next week, the Washington Examiner will report on a few of the important problems plaguing the country and how they are affecting the public every day.

The most glaring crisis our country faces today is at the southern border , where hundreds of thousands of immigrants are crossing into the country illegally every month, overwhelming immigration officials and border towns. Just last week, border agents confirmed that more than 1.2 million immigrants evaded immigration enforcement completely. Who knows how many of these immigrants were on the terror watch list, as at least 70,000 apprehended immigrants have been, or were part of the drug cartels flooding our cities with fentanyl.

The democratic bench is so weak they have to run Biden again.....

Biden sounds ready to seek 2nd term while rallying Democrats​


Biden.... lol.. an old incoherent boomer...... Seriously, who do they have? Pete? lol.... Horizontal Harris? Hillary? Cuomo??? bwahahahahaa

Meanwhile, the GOP has Haley, DeSantis, potentially Tim Scott... And of course 45 who has a proven track record of success for the American people.

OT: No more income taxes

I always thought taxing income was the wrong approach. Why apply the brakes on those with ambition and drive? Let them stoke innovation and economic growth. Plus, now many lawmakers want another $72,000,000,000 to double the IRS just to manage all of these intricacies of the complicated tax code.

I agree with this new bill for a tax on consumption to replace income taxes. And if you want the rich to pay their fair share, this is how it's done. Many of the uber-rich are great at avoiding income while appreciating their assets. But they consume the $hit out of all kinds of expensive luxuries.

I say don't deincentivize income. Maximizing income is great for both individuals and our economy. It allows upward mobility to those not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Now if you start on third base and want to live large off of an inherentance, you will pay your fair share.


Wrestling Penn State vs. Ohio State Dual Thread (2/3/23)



125 Gary Steen Fr. Hermitage, Pa./Reynolds 5-9

133 #1 Roman Bravo-Young Sr.+ Tucson, Ariz./Sunnyside 10-0

141 #5 Beau Bartlett Jr. Tempe, Ariz./Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 14-1

149 #13 Shayne Van Ness Fr. Somerville, N.J./Blair Academy 11-3

157 #9 Levi Haines Fr. Arendtsville, Pa./Biglerville 13-1

165 #8 Alex Facundo Fr. Essexville, Mich./Davison 11-2

174 #1 Carter Starocci Jr. Erie, Pa./Cathedral Prep 11-0

184 #1 Aaron Brooks Sr. Hagerstown, Md./North Hagerstown 7-1

197 #4 Max Dean Sr. Lowell, Mich./Lowell 13-2

285 #2 Greg Kerkvliet Jr. Inver Grove Heights, Minn./Simley 9-1



125 #10 Malik Heinselman Sr. Castle Rock, Colo./Castle View 18-2

133 #9 Jesse Mendez Fr. Crown Point, Ind./Crown Point 11-1

141 #19 Dylan D’Emilio Jr. Curtice, Ohio/Genoa 12-7

149 #3 Sammy Sasso Sr. Nazareth, Pa./Nazareth 18-3

157 #25 Paddy Gallagher Fr. Chesterfield, Ohio/St. Edward 8-4

165 #12 Carson Kharchla Jr. Powell, Ohio/Olentangy 8-3

174 #7 Ethan Smith Sr. Latrobe, Pa./Sparrows Point (Md.) 14-4

184 #5 Kaleb Romero Sr. Mechanicsburg, Ohio/Mechanicsburg 19-3

197 #17 Gavin Hoffman Sr. Montoursville, Pa./Montoursville 15-4

285 #18 Tate Orndorff Sr. Spokane, Wash./University 9-4

Poll: Record Number of Americans Say They Are Worse Off Financially Since Biden Took Office


Wonder if @NJPSU caught that "record number" part?? lmfao..


Four in 10 Americans say they've gotten worse off financially since Joe Biden became president, the most in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 37 years. Political fallout includes poor performance ratings for Biden and a tight hypothetical Biden/Trump rematch next year.

Given disaffection with both leaders, a rerun of the 2020 presidential election is hardly enticing: Nearly six in 10 Democratic-aligned adults don't want to see Biden nominated again for the job, and half on the Republican side would rather not see Donald Trump as their party's nominee.

If those were the choices and the election were today, the poll suggests it could be close: Among all adults, 48 percent support Donald Trump and 44 percent are for Biden; it's a similar 48-45 percent among registered voters. The differences are within the poll's margin of sampling error.

Golf - does anyone play??

It seems to me there are a lot fewer people golfing these days. Here at our development, there are 2 golf courses that were built back in the 1980's. The older of the 2 is in our backyard (14th fairway). That course is no longer in use but provides nice green space. The newer course is not used anywhere near what a course back in the 1970 -90 would have been. The course in our former 55+ community in NoVA had a course that was semi-private and was used on a fairy good prtion of the time, but having to reserve a tee time could be done usualy on the day you were going out.
Just seems golf and golfing communities are kinds sorta no longer all that popular.

More to ignore, Book 122...

The whole 'Chinese spy balloon' story is the absolute definition of malarkey

Mark Sumner

On Wednesday, what appeared to be a large weather balloon was spotted floating over Billings, Montana, at high altitude, drifting with the winds toward the east. That balloon is flying somewhere above 80,000 feet, where it is not an obstacle to either commercial or military air traffic. It previously passed over the Bering Sea and a large swath of Canada before reaching its current location. By using models of high altitude winds over the last several days, officials have determined that the balloon very likely originated somewhere in central China.

The level of panic that this device—which probably weighs less than the average toaster—has produced on Capitol Hill is astonishing. Barely Speaker Kevin McCarthy has called on President Joe Biden to convene a meeting of the “Gang of Eight”—intelligence committee members and leadership from both parties—to deal with this threat to national security. Inexplicably back in Congress, Rep. Ryan Zinke tweeted to declare that he would not “bow” to a balloon and insisted that the U.S. “shoot it down.” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has declared that Donald Trump would have never allowed balloons to float through his air.

CNN notes that Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said he did not intend to follow Zinke’s advice because the balloon isn’t a physical threat, isn’t an intelligence threat, and isn’t a threat to aviation. In fact, the assessment is that there’s more risk in shooting it down than leaving it alone. Still, newscasts on Friday are featuring “experts” who insist that the balloon is either being steered by China, or was directed to pass over military bases and areas with sensitive intelligence. If this is true, America has a much bigger issue than dealing with a balloon because it would mean that the Chinese have discovered magic.

Here’s a quick confirmation from meteorologist Dan Satterfield showing where that balloon originated.

Login to view embedded media

But while it’s possible to track a balloon in the reverse direction and find where it originated, no one—no one—can precisely track the course of a balloon into the future.

As the National Weather Service notes, 1,800 weather balloons are released each day. Most of these are roughly 6 feet in diameter at the ground, increasing to around 20 feet as they reach altitudes over 80,000 feet. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 feet, they pop, and the instrument package dangling from the base of the balloon—which is used to collect information about the atmosphere at high altitude—descends to the ground beneath a parachute to be recovered. In addition to these official weather balloons, both industry and amateurs launch hundreds, if not thousands, of additional balloons each day, with the intention of detecting high-altitude cosmic rays, testing hardware that will be used in a satellite, or just collecting some incredible photos.

But tracking the course of these balloons is a genuine challenge. There are dozens of sites into which both professionals and amateurs can plug information about the balloon, including ones from NOAA, but the actual path is highly sensitive to the weight of the instruments, the amount of helium or hydrogen used to inflate the balloon, temperature at the time of launch, and most of all, to high-altitude winds. Even over just a few hundred miles, a balloon can go off the expected course by … a few hundred miles. The details of all the various layers of wind at altitude is one piece of data brought back by the balloon, but it’s very rarely something that can be captured accurately going in. And again, no one, but no one, could launch a balloon in central China and “aim” it to fly above a missile silo in Montana.

The average balloon sent aloft flies a few hundred miles before it reaches an altitude where the latex is strained to popping. Then the instruments instruments descend under a parachute and are retrieved. They can also be lost, which happens with some frequency, as parachutes end up coming down dozens of miles away from the expected landing site in poorly accessible terrain.


The Chinese balloon above Montana appears to be quite large, perhaps 40 feet in diameter. However, this gives a false impression. Such a balloon would have been about 10 feet across at launch and easily small enough to be handled and launched by one person. Dangling from the balloon are instruments, the purpose of which are not clear. However, it’s possible to say with near certainty what they are not meant to do: They’re not there to image U.S. military facilities or gather information about missile silos.

How can we be sure? Well, here’s a paper from Nature published in January. While noting that SpaceX set another record for launches in 2022 (over half of all satellites in orbit now belong to Elon Musk, so if you want to be paranoid about something, that’s a good place to start) it also says this:

China conducted 62 successful launches, 9 more than in 2021. Many were government launches, but a quickly growing fraction belongs to commercial rocket providers. Overall, China’s launch rate in 2022 was almost triple that of Russia. “China is replacing Russia as the number-two space power,” McDowell says.

China does not need to send weather balloons openly drifting across the United States in the hopes that one of them might accidentally wander across something worthy of a snapshot. It has very good spy satellites orbiting over us right now. Many of them. Those satellites are thought to be on par with the instruments used by the United States. So if China wants to note the license plate on your car, or sneak a peek while you’re tanning on the deck, they don’t need no stinkin’ balloon to do so.

What almost certainly happened in this case is something that regularly happens: Someone underfilled the balloon back in China. So instead of rising to something like 100,000 feet and popping, allowing the instrument package to parachute down and be collected, the balloon rose to something around 70,000 feet to 80,000 feet, where it has been bobbing along for days, probably collecting nothing at all because the instruments were never designed to operate for this long. Not only is China not getting any intelligence from this balloon, it’s highly likely they didn’t even know where it was until someone trained binoculars on it in Billings. It’s long since stopped phoning home.

Underinflation is a genuine PITA for those launching balloons because it means you rarely get your instruments back. It’s the last thing you want to happen.

The whole idea that China would be collecting significant intelligence by balloon in 2023 is an insult to everyone involved. The idea that such a balloon can be steered, or even aimed, to pass over a particular site is an utter impossibility. The fact that these things are both being not just stated by supposed experts on national media, but being touted as a possible national security concern is … typical.

And if we end up launching a $10 million missile to take down a $300 lost balloon doing nothing, no one should be surprised.

Side note: Some of you may recall back in 2019 when I was preparing to launch Kosmos-1, a Daily Kos-themed weather balloon that was intended to carry a set of typical instruments and a plethora of cameras up for a ride at the “edge of space.” If you’re wondering what happened to that important scientific mission to snap the site logo against a black sky, the answer is … I happened. As in, while inflating the balloon, I allowed the thin latex envelop to touch the grass. Which was enough to turn about $100 of helium into a slow-motion belch. After that came the pandemic, and Kosmos-1, along with several other decorated Styrofoam minnow buckets—er, space capsules—remains on a table in my basement. Someday.