Does Michigan's recent dominance over Ohio st change the recruiting equation?


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Jan 10, 2022
In 3 days since the game they have had 3 Ohio kids commit to play for Michigan. Seems pretty meaningful.
Explain to me what is meaningful about it. None of the 3 - Hamilton in 2024, or Calhoun and Hewlett in 2023 had OSU offers and Hewlett and Calhoun really no offers from any other football major powers.

In fact, if you look at Michigan's 2023 recruiting class, it's really WEAK considering their success on the field. Their 88.5 Composite rating per recruit is behind MSU and well behind PSU and OSU ---- Michigan should be crushing it this year and they're not. They're just a point ahead (per recruit) of Iowa and Northwestern. This will probably end up being the lowest rated class in the Harbaugh era.

Again, please explain your "meaningful" comment
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