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Ignore is not a bad choice, but Wallace is an unrepentant know-it-all.

Better to call him out and shoot down his nonsense IMO.
Someone said arguing with him is like playing chess with a Pigeon . When you win he will just knock all the pieces over, 💩 all over the board, and then strut around like he won. So now he is known as The Pigeon.

Meanwhile in the Florida classroom

You are the party of censorship, authoritarianism, and cancellation. Why would you care at all. It is following your policies
I have no idea what's going on in this photo but here's a description of the law. Parents have a right to know what materials are being used, no pornography, no sexually explicit books until 3rd grade, nothing that accuses kids of being victims or oppressors based on the color of their skin.

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I guess NJ supports pornography for 5 yr old kids. I wonder if NJ taught his kids that they are oppressors.

More to ignore, Book 120...

Okay, we need to talk about the weird amount of bronzer Trump's been using on his face lately

Aldous J Pennyfarthing

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And here’s the German version!

DRUMPF: “Biden hat alles falsch gemacht. Der Kistenschwindel sollte sofort gegen Präsident Trump fallen gelassen werden. Wenn ich ins Weiße Haus zurückkehre, werden wir die Ära der parteiischen Hexenjagden beenden, die gleiche Gerechtigkeit vor dem Gesetz wiederherstellen und zu einer Regierung zurückkehren, die für das amerikanische Volk leistet, und ich meine, die Sicherung unserer Grenzen, die Schaffung von Millionen und Abermillionen von Arbeitsplätzen, genau wie vorher. Löhne steigern, Gewaltverbrechen stoppen und unser Land wieder großartig machen. Das wollen wir tun: Amerika wieder großartig machen. Danke dir.”

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USA COVID-19 Vaccination Updates

Second to that, i am happy with all of them being voted out and losing their jobs. There really wasn't much more disheartening that all of these people who pushed the lockdowns, vax, bullying people, etc., being elected in the state of PA. It really made me rethink my commitment to the USA.
That's because we joined the coalition led by Cuomo and Murphy. From that minute onward Wolfie was bound to do whatever those two other jackwads did.

I live in PA. I don't know about you but when I voted, Murphy and Cuomo were not on my ballot. This whole coalition thing pissed me off probably more than anything else. Our spineless governor went along with the mob and there's nothing the voters could even do about it. We were basically governed from that day forward by Cuomo and Murphy. Has to be unconstitutional.

When I get to vote for governors of other states, then we can form coalitions where one guy like Cuomo runs everything. Until then this kinda shit has to stop.

Doesn’t take long for a black news anchor to drop the race card...

Agreed. This video starts when they pull the guy out of the car. I have some questions regarding the story and illegal search.
There’s a lot to unpack with this stuff. I heard one rumor at least some of these officers had gang connections. Another was their lack of experience. All related to current hiring practices .
They seem guilty as sin fwiw. And when I referred to body cam videos, I mean in general they’ve been helpful in ferreting out false claims of police brutality .

Tyre Nichols alleged murderers’ audio has now been synced.

Thank you. The obsession that is political correctness of looking at things in black and white is quite annoying.

Just saying that people act differently when they’ve been pepper sprayed, led on high speed chases, and someone won’t just stfu and comply. I get it and that’s why I couldn’t do that job. We are missing extremely important information and the chief of police is in an adversarial position towards the cops as far as i’m concerned and isn’t going to be upfront about anything.
We all thank God you are not a cop. An antisemite and racist, yes.

Was there any doubt this was coming?

The US Goverment gave the slaves the greatest reparation......their freedom. My friend. Let's just agree to disagree. If you feel this strongly for reparations, vote for the candidates who advocate it. I will vote for those who don't.

The only reason you folks are opposed to it is because it’s going to black americans…

Meanwhile, you folks handed out trillions in PPP handouts.

Pretty sick

If You Don't Hear From...

Yesterday I took wife and my daughter to Doggies(Rathskeller)in afternoon. I remember stacking the Rolling Rock cases in the back corner table after the 1982 Nebraska football game.
Brought back some really great memories.
Then stopped over at Pickles and met a couple of classy Iowa fans.
Then went over K2 fruit bar and talked to David Taylor. Max and Gabe were sitting at back table.
The match capped off a "fun" day.
If I wasn't still recovering from the beating from the pickup I would of considered a night cap.😏