Alert the Bloomington paramedics

FWIW, Bo is no longer representing the university.

Nearly everything Carter says doesn't bother me. The bulk of his latest IG post was mostly just trash talk. Not my style but whatever. The revenge quote was over-the-top tasteless. It should earn him an earful from Cael and Kraft about being a university representative.
What part is "over the top"?

Breaking: China Balloons During the Trump Administration

Are you suggesting three Chinese ballon’s flew across the entire U.S. under Trump’s Presidency? I highly, highly doubt they were much more than a brief incursion. That’s a lot different from allowing one to fly across Alaska and the entire U.S. continent.

But you know that. You are simply grasping at straws in order to justify the limp dick in office currently.

Chinese spy balloon is over the US right now

Amazing that somehow no citizens saw the Trump balloons yet many people saw the Biden balloon.
Amazing how Trump managed to prevent millions of people from seeing his balloons. Oh that's right, those balloons only "briefly transited the continental USA" which means they probably went into California, saw what a s-hole the state was, and turnaround and left.

Friday, the pentagon spokes person, Brig Gen., said if we wanted to know the balloons location, look up and see it.

Nobody saws these previous "incursions". Not likely.

PIAA State duals

What a day! Kudos to Canton for a great match. They best Benton in the semis. Then Warrior Run knocks them down in the D4 finals

PA AA Wrap up.
Faith Academy wins their district 72-0. When will this mega team bump to AAA? A team from all over should be forced to bump. They will easily win a AA title this year.

Reynolds, even without Louie Gill wins another D10 title. They beat a tough Ft Leboeuf, we been hearing about for years. Coach Taylor is a great coach

Love or hate him Coach Veres gets it done again and beats up Saucon Valley. Bouzakis leads his new team to PIAA states. Coach Veres will win the most liked coach for the fourth year in a row.

Honesdale wins their district but stands zero chance at states.

McDevitt wins third in district 3. It’s like a team Nauman squad but they are tough. Berks wins the district title

Chest nut Ridge crushed everyone in their district. Not sure if they have any competition in their district.

United wins district 6. Not sure if this is a new school but I never heard of United. They beat Huntingdon.

Coach Sonny Abe leads Burgettstown to a D7 title and beats Burrell. Burrell won like the last twenty D7 AA titles. Abe is PSU trained.

Brookville beats a tough Clearfield team. Don’t sleep on Brookville for the battle of third behind Faith and NDGP.

1. Faith
3. Warrior Run

NDGP and Faith will meet in the quarters.

Breaking: China Balloons During the Trump Administration

"briefly transited"

If these balloons flew anywhere close to the mission done by the Biden balloon then they would not have been able to keep it secret. Americans would have seen it as they did this one. Further, why would you keep information secret about spy balloon incursions for a couple of years only to release the info when Biden has egg on his face? If we had intelligence on Chinese spy balloons that was secret, you don't reveal this info simply because your current president appears to be asleep at the wheel. As someone who has held a TSC/SCI clearance for a couple of decades, this new claim doesn't add up.

NJ is very stupid.

Wrestling Penn State vs. Ohio State Dual Thread (2/3/23)

That seems like too much work for me. I would get confused on which handle I was posting under and it would be a mess.
Like when I had a roommate who always had multiple girls he was seeing. He’d give me codes when I took down messages (way before personal cell phones of course):

If Jo-Ann called, it was “Joe”
If Josephine called, it was “Joseph”

It was tiring and I felt like an Accessory waiting in the car while he robbed the bank. Way too much stress when his “real” girlfriend would pop in and ask me what was up. God, did she have a great rack - track athlete legs, BUT ALSO boobs - a winning combo

Biden with a message

Joe, let us know when it will start working for them. You've created record inflation that has outstripped mediocre wage growth despite being handed a growing economy with 2% inflation, wages that were over double inflation, and millions of job openings. Now we have record credit card debt, a half a year of housing price declines, and American household wealth loss of $7 trillion last year alone.

Wrestling Penn State vs. Ohio State Dual Thread (2/3/23)

Any chance johnstownsteel might consider a mentorship program so jmadden1998 would be able to use different handles?
I sense a budding bromance, if so I want to be credited with being cupid..
You guys could get matching tat's??? Perhaps of someone's avatar??
10 likes and these dudes are getting all tatted up.
That seems like too much work for me. I would get confused on which handle I was posting under and it would be a mess.

OT: No more income taxes

1. Your graph indicates that not even the top 1% bracket spends only 30% of income. So the info you post contradicts itself and it is not sourced. What is the source of the data, provide a link.

2. Most of the very wealthy live off of assets not earned income.
  • America's 25 wealthiest people got $401 billion richer from 2014 to 2018, according to Forbes.
  • ProPublica reported the income taxes they paid amounted to just 3.4% of that new net worth.
  • One way the ultra-rich America's billionaires avoid taxes: borrowing money at low-interest rates, according to ProPublica. America's billionaires have often financed their lavish lifestyles by using their vast fortunes as collateral for loans, which can come with single-digit interest rates.
  • Investor Carl Icahn also took advantage of borrowing money, paying $0 in federal income taxes despite reporting an adjusted gross income of $544 million, as he had an outstanding loan with Bank of America worth $1.2 billion, ProPublica reported.
  • Elon Musk has similarly put up a massive amount of his equity in Tesla and SpaceX as collateral for loans, rather than sell those shares and pay 20% in capital gains tax to free up the money. From 2014 to 2018, Musk paid $455 million in taxes on a reported income of $1.52 billion, resulting in an effective tax rate of 29.9%. But his wealth grew by $13.9 billion during that time, meaning his "true tax rate," according to ProPublica's methodology, was just 3.27%.
  • In 2014, for example, Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison disclosed he had used 250 million of his Oracle shares as collateral to secure a $9.7 billion personal line of credit.

3. I and many others are proposing that instead of income tax that we tax consumption. The ultra wealthy consume at much higher rates as illustrated above but fully understand how to not pay much in income tax. If you tax consumption, they are still going to consume.

Here’s the type of tax model you should be discussing…