Tyre Nichols alleged murderers’ audio has now been synced.

That's brutal to watch.

There's no excuse for what those five officers did to that guy. Thank heavens they're all Black or we'd have major hell to pay.

As it is, Memphis has suspended a couple Fire Department guys who arrived on the scene but were slow to provide medical help.

The Powers need some White guy...any White guy...to have some blame in this so they can do their standard race-mongering thing...because the way things stand now, even the Regime's Usual Suspects, who have a lot of practice at this, are having trouble playing their usual scummy game when the five offending officers are Black.
I’m not defending their actions. I’m simply saying rushing to judgment and saying they’re monsters is a crock of shit. They weren’t trying to kill him.

It’s all fun and games for everyone to sit on their couch and judge these cops. Hell, judge any cop. Don’t get me wrong- I genuinely despise police officers and am in 5th amendment territory with them almost immediately unless I actually need something from them.

More to ignore, Book 120...

. — Donald J. Trump campaigned during his first presidential race in a distinctly audacious style, giving free helicopter rides to children at the Iowa State Fair and using his Trump-branded 757 jetliner as an event backdrop.

He rolled out a second campaign in equally unusual fashion, filing re-election paperwork on the same day as his inauguration and holding 10 signature mega-rallies before the end of his first year in office.

For his third campaign, it’s back to basics — for the first time.

More than two months after formally opening his White House comeback bid, the 76-year-old former president was holding his first two public events on Saturday. Both were the type of textbook campaign stops he mostly skipped in his first two runs for office.

In New Hampshire, Mr. Trump spoke in a high school auditorium in Salem, where he addressed an annual state party meeting. In South Carolina, where he has previously attracted thousands to rallies, Mr. Trump was set to introduce his state leadership team at the State Capitol, an extraordinary setting for a politician known for upsetting the establishment and taking direct aim at longstanding public institutions.

After attacking President Biden and other leading Democrats, Mr. Trump said in Salem: “They said, ‘He’s not campaigning. Maybe he’s lost a step.’ I am more angry now and I am more committed now than ever.”

Mr. Trump’s attempt to drape himself with the typical trappings of a traditional campaign is an unspoken acknowledgment that he begins the race in one of the most politically vulnerable positions of his public life. He remains the clear front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, yet the solidity of his support seems increasingly in doubt.......

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The Earth's core has stopped it's rotation

The average elevation in Florida Is 6‘, which is right in line with sea level rise projections by 2100.
Which fact are you disputing, bucktooth?
The mean elevation in Florida is 100' and the average elevation is 58', not 6' as you posted. The predictions of average sea level rise by 2100 from the IPCC range from 0.6 meters to 1.1 meters based on the RCP 4.5 to 8.5 emission scenarios. RCP 8.5 is now thought to be unrealistic with the most likely emission scenario now thought to be somewhere between RCP 4.5 and RCP 6.5 and most likely closer to RCP 4.5.

So accepting the IPCC estimates presented on the NOAA website, the estimated sea level rise by 2100 will be closer to 0.6 meters, which is more than double the current global sea level rise of about 8 to 10" per century. Neither the current rate nor the IPCC predicted increase is anywhere near enough to the 10 meters required to put the bottom third of Florida under water by 2100 as you posted above.

Wrestling: Penn State vs. Iowa Match Thread

Therein lies the example. You justify yourself by pointing to others. I justify myself by holding myself to a standard regardless of how others act. My role is to not check the masses but felt the need as you continually beat your chest, ridiculed others and justified your behavior by negative behaviors of the minority of fans. I recognize every fanbase has those that I wish not to associate with however would never judge the fanbase based on those few.
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Was there any doubt this was coming?

You can’t reasonably claim that the “deaths of johnny reb” fighting for slave states during the civil war as “being held accountable for slavery“

Were the slaves made whole?
Were slavery owners allowed to keep their wealth and pass it onto future generations?

Families of murder victims collect civil penalties. They aren’t made whole because most murders don’t have much wealth. Would you feel more comfortable if we clawed back wealth that originated from slavery?
My friend. Families of murder victims aren't and can never be made whole because their loved one is gone forever. Slaves can never be made whole for the years lost an the lives lost from slavery. Slavery in this country was tragic. But we would only add to that tragedy by having innocent tax papers pay reparations. Again, if you start this snowball down the hill, it will turn into an avalanche. Will Jewish people demand reparations from Germany. Will the Chinese demand reparations from the Japanese for years of oppression and torture. Where would it end?

More to ignore, Book 120...

WOW! Tucker Carlson Wants the U.S. to INVADE CANADA (?) to 'Liberate' it So it Doesn't 'Become Cuba'

News Corpse

The right-wing Ministry of Propaganda - aka Fox News - has a long history of advocating blatantly anti-American policies and promoting the sort of noxious imperialism that is generally practiced by totalitarian strongholds such as North Korea and Russia. Fox's hosts and guests don't make much of an effort to disguise those perverse political positions.

Leading the pack of pro-tyrannical blowhards on Fox News is their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. His frequent forays into fanboy adoration of brutal dictators like Vladimir Putin are a staple of his primetime fear, war, and hate mongering.

On Friday Carlson went farther over the cliff of crackpottery in a segment of his streaming Fox Nation show wherein he expressed his opposition to the U.S. support for Ukraine against the Russian invaders and his hero, Putin. He has previously declared unambiguously that he is on Russia's side against Ukraine, a sovereign, democratic American ally. “Why do I care about what’s going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia?" Carlson said, "And why shouldn’t I root for Russia, because I am.” But on Friday Carlson brought the war home to America, babbling that...

“I’m completely in favor of a Bay of Pigs operation to liberate that country. Why should we stand back and let our biggest trading partner ... why should we let it become Cuba? Like, why don’t we liberate it? We’re spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians. Why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau? And I mean it.”

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The "Bay of Pigs" was a covert military action against a hostile, foreign nation that ended in catastrophic failure and nearly triggered a nuclear war. But Carlson is, nevertheless, in favor of a "Bay of Pigs" style assault against our neighbor and ally, Canada. what he is advocating, to put it plainly, is terrorism.

It's ironic, and repulsive, that Carlson associates his perverse advocacy of the U.S. invading Canada with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Carlson is not only taking Russia's side as they commit horrific war crimes against civilians, he is advocating that the U.S. emulate Russia in his sick fantasy of attacking Canada.

Carlson never explains what it is about Canada that reminds him of Cuba. Perhaps he is just upset by the fact that it's a democratic country that has universal healthcare, protects the environment, is proud of its diversity, and respects civil and human rights. Having such a progressive country just across the border likely keeps Carlson awake nights.

Consequently, Carlson seriously proposes a hostile, military takeover of Canada in order to force it to comply with the autocratic principles of the countries that Carlson admires: Russia, North Korea, Hungary, Brazil, etc. He would put American soldiers at risk, and task them with murdering innocent Canadians, to fulfill his dreams of a dystopian dictatorship that would presumably be ruled over by Dear Leader Trump.

The spark that lit Carlson's fuse was a reference to the Canadian trucker's convoys in 2022 in protest of COVID restrictions. They were decidedly undemocratic road blockages by a distinct minority, but were capable of causing severe economic hardship by using their trucks as barriers to all traffic. At the time, Carlson came out in support of the truckers, and urged American truckers to follow their lead and drag down the U.S. economy.

That's just how Tucker rolls. He is an anti-American activist who is willing to sacrifice the welfare of the nation in order to achieve his neo-fascist cravings. And apparently he is also willing to sacrifice other nations for the same end. Where would he stop? Would Mexico and Central America be next? Would he seek to ally with Putin to capture Western Europe? Is world domination his ultimate goal? It's hard to imagine that he isn't dreaming of that now. And Fox News is all too happy to advance that abhorrent objective.

Wrestling: Penn State vs. Iowa Match Thread

LOL! Preaching to the choir. This board has threads dedicated to HR crazies. You might want to educate them as well. But thanks for the session

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Therein lies the example. You justify yourself by pointing to others. I justify myself by holding myself to a standard regardless of how others act. My role is to not check the masses but felt the need as you continually beat your chest, ridiculed others and justified your behavior by negative behaviors of the minority of fans. I recognize every fanbase has those that I wish not to associate with however would never judge the fanbase based on those few.

Wrestling: Penn State vs. Iowa Match Thread

the gabe arnold talk reminds me of the story askren told about the psu recruit sitting behind him at the ohio state dual telling his friends all the things bo nickal was “doing wrong.” meanwhile bo was dominating myles martin. askren said he wanted to turn around and tell him he was an idiot. he later confirmed it was carter starocci.

high school kids are high school kids.
Carter may have been right. Bo did a few things that coaches would say to never do.

Of course, Carter may have said those things just to annoy Askren.

Wrestling RECAP: No. 1 Penn State Wrestling rolls over No. 2 Iowa, 23-14

Let's face it gang, the biggest upset of the night was against our own expectations.

When you look back at what Cael has done recently with blue chip recruits in their true or RS Freshman year, this group of young guns doesn't quite look like Nolf, Nickal, Cenzo, Mark, Aaron, Carter... Maybe Levi is sniffing a little of this air. Could it be they more resemble first years more down to earth like Zain, Nick or RBY? Oh wait, the later list turned out pretty frigging good now didn't they?

Looking over both lists, how many undefeated Freshman have we had? Ooops. I am getting the sense that, what blue chippers in this program do in Nov-Feb, doesn't seem to translate into what happens in March. Uh oh!

Trust the process.
Brilliantly said. I was confident the good guys would win, but also recognized that as odd as it is to say- this team is pretty damn young- sure these guys have all been in big matches, but lots of freshman in a new experience for sure... trus the process indeed...

Ignorant Federal Judge going off the rails in sentencing Jan 6 Defendant who bear sprayed police

If officer Sicknick never worked that day and stayed home would he have still died that day? I understand the autopsy states what it states I just find it hard to believe it's a total coincidence he died the same day the January 6th (peaceful protest if your on the right) (insurrection if you're on the left) happened.
This is 100% unrelated to his work. If he hadn't gone to work, he would have still had the event and died. He had a dangerous condition that was on the verge of popping and coincidentally popped that day. This is 100% Within my wheel horse in the work I did in workers compensation. There were a good number of cases where people coincidentally died after a work event. ( I represented workers and this was not good news for me) A certain number of 45-year-old men will die like officer Sicknick did on certain days and the day the underlying condition was set to occur just happened to be the day of the riot.

I would add that the medical examiner is an employee of a government Department that is run by democrats and he knew the answer that they hope to get. To his credit he gave an honest answer, but because the causation issue was so clear it wasn't that difficult for him to do.

Wrestling: Penn State vs. Iowa Match Thread

Well said. While I'm sure both fanbases would have much preferred some higher scores all around, I really enjoyed the beauty of the battle in each individual match. I don't think the effort or desire should really be questioned for any of the 20 athletes last night
Agreed. Except for the part about enjoying the beauty of the battle during each match. I'm good after it's over, but I get too nervous during close bouts knowing the simplest of miscalculations, mistakes, or even flukes can flip the outcome at this level of wrestling. That's one of the reasons these PSU/Iowa duals are so stressful for me to watch in real time. Each side comes to battle, brings their hammers, and believes they can win.

As for fanbase preferences and predictions of bonus point wins/etc, I'm reminded of the quote attributed to Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” As enthusiastic fans, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that our guy's opponent has a say in how the battle unfolds.

Was there any doubt this was coming?

I think this is where I stand. Allow each state to vote and go from there. However, I'd think any monthly checks would be no-go for me. That's already there in the form of welfare programs for those truly in need. Now education programs could work. Free tuition, training programs, etc. That's how most get ahead.

Problem with your idea is that Democrats have destroyed the concept of a republic of independent states. The federal government can print money so they would just bankroll failed policies at the state level. The states would move their money to create gaps that can be bankrolled through federal dollars.

Look at what just happened with the pandemic money. I understand that it is bankrolling all kinds of failures at the state and local levels, such as mismanaged pension funds.

Unrealistic promises are made by politicians at the state and local level, then when the city gets a financial squeeze, a federal crisis is created. That is what will happen should crazy states like California move forward with things that they cannot fund.

This is already happening without reparations. What's going to happen when all of the producers leave California and all of the homeless drug addicts and illegals migrate to California for the "free" benefits? Who then fixes California after it destroys itself? It is still a part of the "United" States.

Democrats don't want states. In fact they don't want a country. They are effectively global communists.

Wrestling: Penn State vs. Iowa Match Thread

We haven’t finished 2nd since 2015, in fact that is the only time in the last 12 years we finished second. We have finished 3rd or 4th more times than 2nd. So you could say we are used to it.

2022 3rd
2021 1st
2020 N/A
2019 4th
2018 3rd
2017 4th
2016 5th
2015 2nd
2014 4th
2013 4th
2012 3rd
2011 3rd
All the more reason for you to enjoy this year and the rare 2nd place finish.

Friday PSU vs Iowa Wrestling showdown

Good analysis of the strengths of each team and the matchups. Cael always has his team prepared and it should be an entertaining evening. Will be especially nice if the Brand brother perform their normal childish antics and then have to leave with long faces....

Friday, 8:30 PM on BTN

Really enjoyed the match and the Iowa coaches were invisible. Question though, going into the final match, PSU up 20 - 14, scroll showed Iowa pin in final match would tie score and give win to Iowa on some kind of points, not sure what. Can anyone explain, also, how many PSU wrestlers also played football?