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She tried to use school children to get re-elected........... Holy Shit........... Indoctrination?

It's like democrats see school kids as their personal private property..............

On Thursday, news broke that the mayor’s campaign had sent an email attempting to recruit Chicago Public School students to “help” with the incumbent’s reelection effort. The students would earn class credit in exchange for their contributions.

After this unethical email made its way to the press, prompting outrage from other candidates in the race, Team Lightfoot sloppily attempted to backtrack — not once, but three times.

The world's most dangerous profession (again)

Why does this talent leave the world way too soon?

Police Find 3 Bodies Believed To Be Those Of Missing Rappers

Michigan State Police (MSP) found three dead bodies Thursday and are working to determine if they are the bodies of three missing rappers.

A city official said the bodies, which police discovered in an abandoned apartment complex in Highland Park, are believed to be those of 28-year-old Armani Kelly, 31-year-old Dante Wicker and 31 year-old Montoya Givens, who went missing after their Jan. 21 performance at a Detroit club was canceled, according to CNN.

Authorities reported that activity on the cell phones belonging to all three men stopped early on Jan. 22. Police have cautioned that the identities of the bodies are not yet confirmed. “Once information is confirmed we will update,” MSP said in a tweet Thursday.


Noteworthy Results & Goldfish Games: Week of 2/3 - 2/5

This week’s listings on the ESPN/ACC/BTN networks . . .

All times Eastern.
PSU bolded.
***TV in asterisks***
***TV replay italicized***

  • ***PSU vs. Ohio St***// 7:00 PM // BTN
  • Kent St vs. Ohio // 7:00 PM // ESPN+
  • VMI vs. Gardner-Webb // 7:00 PM // ESPN+
  • Columbia vs. Bucknell // 7:00 PM // ESPN+
  • ISU vs. WVU // 7:00 PM // ESPN+
  • NC St vs. UVA // 7:00 PM // ACCNX
  • VaTech vs. Duke // 7:00 PM // ACCNX
  • ***UNC vs. Pitt*** // 7:00 PM // ACCN
  • Mizzou vs. Oklahoma // 8:00 PM // ESPN+
  • Nebraska vs. Illinois // 8:00 PM // BTN+
  • ***Iowa vs. Minnesota*** // 9:00 PM // BTN

  • Princeton vs. Cornell // 12:00 PM // ESPN+
  • American vs. UVA // 1:00 PM // ACCNX
  • ***Rutger vs. Maryland*** // 2:00 PM // BTN
  • Princeton vs. Binghamton // 5:00 PM // ESPN+
  • Nebraska vs. Purdue // 6:00 PM // BTN+
  • ISU vs. Pitt // 7:00 PM // ACCNX

  • Replay — ***UNC vs. Pitt*** // 2:30 AM // ACCN
  • Replay — ***UNC vs. Pitt*** // 10:00 AM // ESPNU
  • Campbell vs. Duke // 11:00 AM // ACCNX
  • Penn vs. Cornell // 1:00 PM // ESPN+
  • PSU vs. Indiana // 2:00 PM // BTN+
  • ***Illinois vs. MSU*** // 2:00 PM // BTN
  • Rider vs. Oklahoma // 2:00 PM // ESPN+
  • Kent St vs. CMU // 2:00 PM // ESPN3
  • Campbell vs. Citadel // 2:00 PM // ESPN+
  • UNI vs. WVU // 2:00 PM // ESPN+
  • Mizzou vs. Okie St // 3:00 PM // ESPN+
  • Ohio St vs. Northwestern // 3:00 PM // BTN+
Stay warm Friday night!

Larry Correia Apologizes For Being A Meany Pants

Here is my VERY PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT to satisfy the demands of a Very Concerned Citizen on David Webers page, and I am counting on you guys to make sure he gets the link because after this I’m gonna try and stay off the internet for the rest of the weekend because people are stupid and annoy me.

I, Larry Correia, do hereby declare that I forcefully condemn the following groups: Nazis, serial killers, rapists, murderers, people who talk during movies, school shooters, the Illuminati, and cannibals. They are now forbidden from reading my books.

But since he is worried that out of the millions of books I’ve sold, some may have been enjoyed by people who belong to “groups who promote genocide” I also hereby ban communists and socialists from ever enjoying my books ever again. Yes, even if they checked them out of the library. Sorry. Sucks to be you.

This is my Forceful Condemnation made by Official Proclamation, which is eternally binding by the powers vested in me by The Internet, forever and ever, amen.

-Larry Correia

Senior U.S. infantry officer calls Ukraine policy mindless, reckless, dangerous

Retired Lt. Col. Daniel Davis...decorated combat vet...background in infantry and armor...interviewed by Breitbart.

A guy with no political ax to grind. He's simply looking from the perspective of national strategy and military tactics at what we're doing and where things are headed...and saying: this is insane.

There are uncanny parallels between the Regime's pandemic response and its Ukraine folly. In both cases, a disastrous policy is promoted by our rulers and their legions of experts, the media propaganda machine runs full throttle, dissent is shut down and dissenters demonized.

We're still picking up the pieces with regard to the pandemic as now, two years after the fact, the points made by the dissenters are vindicated while the Regime quietly tip-toes away from its horrible blunders. But at the rate we're going, tip-toeing away may not be an option in the case of Ukraine. I mean, you can only phuck with Lady Karma so long before she turns around and requires her due.

Anyway, below in italics are some excerpts of Davis's comments to Breitbart.

>>From someone who has done combat operations in tank-on-tank fights; in operations patrolling the East-West border during the Cold War and its potential Soviet invasions; and was the second-in-command of an armored cavalry squadron for the First Armored Division in the mid 2000s in Germany, I can tell you that just having NATO tanks does not equal battlefield success.

The problem is that what works on video games and on paper — you have to make it work on the ground. And very few people anywhere in the western media or anywhere in the other media, for that matter, understand how combat power is made. It’s not just the platform, though that is very important, but roughly 90 percent of the success is the people who operate the equipment. have to have a trained platoon, platoons in a company; and a company in the battalion; and if you’re talking about the inner-level operations, battalions within brigades etc. You can’t send 500 [Ukrainian] dudes to Germany and conduct six weeks of maneuver training and think you’re going to get the same output, because those guys don’t have the experience. They don’t even have the baseline understanding that we had a whole career and our whole training before we even arrived at that one year preparation. I mean just on the surface of it, it's’s people who just don’t have any idea of how actual combat power is generated that would believe that.

Because maybe it works for movies and in video games — just getting this capacity on your video game and poof, you’ve got the full capacity as though you were fully trained, but it just doesn’t work that way in reality...The expectation that so many in the West, and certainly those in Kyiv, have been professing: that they think the possession of these Bradleys, Abrams, Leopards, AMX-10, M109 Paladins, etc. combined, is going to allow them to go on a NATO-type offensive maneuver is just not going to happen because it’s way more than the platforms required to enable that kind of offensive operation.

All you’re doing is making Russia want to go to war. Far from wanting to deter Russia or making them hesitate and count the costs – it’s having the exact opposite effect across the board in Russia. If anything, it makes them want to be more aggressive. It makes them absolutely think we cannot lose this and double down on their efforts...even the general Russian population — you don’t see any protests anymore and you barely see any kind of negative social media comments, and that’s usually people who aren’t even in Russia. In Russia you don’t see any of that, because people are for the most part convinced that this is what has to be done because [they feel] it’s a very valid position to say all of NATO is against them.

We’re providing intelligence. We’re providing ammunition. We’re providing weapons systems [and] repair facilities, literally everything but the pull of the trigger. Imagine during the war with Afghanistan that Russia or China had just completely got behind the Taliban, gave them everything they had, including all their modern gear to kill American soldiers. Do you think we would have accepted that? Would we have been OK with that? We’d go crazy. We’d have potentially gone to war with them.

We think that, like Biden said hiding behind a fig leaf today, when he announced this change, that ‘we are not going to war with Russia’ and ‘we’re not a direct participant,’ as though just saying those words means anything to Russia...I think that there’s not enough recognition of just how much risk and gamble we’re taking right now...We have no strategy. Nobody is asking what comes next.

We're just giving all this stuff, nobody's talking about, not even ethereal kinds of overarching statements. What is this supposed to accomplish? What is the outcome you see by giving [these tanks]? What are you trying to produce on the ground? How is this going to benefit the United States of America as opposed to not doing it?

Define "win". Because you had the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff one week ago repeat what he’s been saying a lot, and one of the few things I agree with him on, [that] he sees no military path for Ukraine to win this war in the foreseeable future, meaning throughout the entire 2023...And he’s right. Even with all this stuff, of course, he knew what we were going to offer before he made that comment. And he’s right, but no one pays any attention to that, they just pretend it didn’t happen, [as if] he didn’t say it.

One of the things that’s been from the outset that it just has not come to grips within the West [is that] this is not Syria; this is not Iraq; this is not Libya; this is not Yemen; this is not even Iran. We have basically done whatever we wanted to do in all these places and didn’t even care about what they might do because we know they don’t have the ability...We’re having that same mentality in Russia...the biggest nuclear stockpile in the world. They can do something. The rules are different. You cannot behave and you can against Syria.

I fear that one day, Russia’s going to say, ‘OK, you finally did cross a red line this time and we’re going to take action.' For example, [Russian Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov recently said that based on all this stuff about the tanks, they reserve the right to attack any provider of NATO gear, NATO tanks, NATO vehicles, their ammunition – no matter where they are, meaning Poland or in some other NATO country.

There is zero chance – and I mean zero – that Russia could ever militarily defeat NATO in a conventional sense. It’s a physical impossibility. They’re just struggling even now to defeat Ukrainians in part of the Donbas, their next-door neighbor, so they certainly couldn’t take on a 30 member NATO military alliance; they know that. So the only way they can defend against NATO, is through nuclear weapons, of course. So if we try to think we’re going to trigger Article 5 and not trigger nuclear war. I mean, we’re just insane and fooling ourselves.<<

US unemployment is now 3.4%…a 54 year low

I’m assuming @m.knox is going to be raving about this for the next 5 years…


2023 NFL mock draft - New 2-round projections for Senior Bowl week have Will Levis #1 selection

by Luke Easterling
Draft Wire
Post T.D.Magee
Thu, February 2, 2023 at 7:27 PM EST


You know it’s officially draft season when the entire NFL universe descends upon Mobile for the Senior Bowl, and that’s where we find all the action again this week, as many of this year’s draft hopefuls test their mettle against top competition.
After a few days of practice, with NFL coaching and pro decision-makers in the audience, we’ll no doubt see many prospects sending their draft stock in either direction.
Taking all that into consideration, here’s an updated look at how the first two rounds of the 2023 NFL draft could shake out:
NOTE: The Miami Dolphins forfeited their first-round pick in next year’s draft as a result of the NFL’s investigation into tampering violations.

*projected trade
1. Indianapolis Colts (from CHI)* | Kentucky QB Will Levis

(AP Photo/John Amis)
The Colts still make the most sense as a trade partner for the Bears, as they could fall in love with one of this year’s top quarterback prospects, and want to jump the division-rival Texans (with at least an additional first-round pick and second-round pick going to the Bears, and likely more) to make sure they get their man. While that should be Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud, it won’t surprise me if the become enamored with Levis’ physical tools, looking past his flaws and inconsistencies in favor of the upside.
2. Houston Texans | Alabama QB Bryce Young

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
This would be a massive win for the Texans, who lost out on the No. 1 pick at the last second, but still end up with the best quarterback prospect in the draft. Whatever Young might lack in ideal size, he more than makes up for by passing every other franchise quarterback test with flying colors.
3. Arizona Cardinals | Alabama EDGE Will Anderson

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
This is the ideal scenario for the Cardinals, who see two quarterbacks come off the board before their pick, leaving them to choose between the two best overall prospects in the entire draft at No. 3 overall. They can’t go wrong either way, but we’ll give Anderson the nod here over Jalen Carter.
4. Chicago Bears (from IND)* | Georgia DL Jalen Carter

Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports
What a win for the Bears, who move down three spots, load up on additional pick, and still land one of this year’s top overall prospects at a huge position of need. Carter is a disruptive force at the point of attack, and would give the Bears an immediate cornerstone around whom they can rebuild their once proud defense.
5. Seattle Seahawks (from DEN) | Texas Tech EDGE Tyree Wilson

(AP Photo/Karl B DeBlaker)
The Russell Wilson trade is the gift that keeps on giving for the Seahawks, who are headed to the playoffs, and still have a top-five pick at their disposal. This is a perfect spot for them to help out their defensive front, either along the interior or on the edge, and Wilson is a high-upside prospect who is a perfect fit for what Seattle wants at the position.
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from LAR via DET)* | Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Tom Brady’s finally retiring (for real, this time), and the Bucs’ brass won’t be interested in a full rebuild. What they could do, should a polished, pro-ready franchise quarterback like Stroud make it to this spot, strike a deal to move up ahead of the equally QB-needy Raiders and Panthers to snatch him. It’ll likely cost at least next year’s 1st-round pick and this year’s third-round pick (probably more), but it would give the Bucs a quality restart at the game’s most important position, on a cheap rookie deal.
7. Las Vegas Raiders | Florida QB Anthony Richardson

(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)
Derek Carr is obviously on his way out, but even if the Raiders bring in a veteran quarterback, spending this pick on a high-upside passer wouldn’t be a bad idea. Richardson may take some patience, but he’s got many of the same traits that eventually made Josh Allen a superstar.
8. Atlanta Falcons | Clemson EDGE Myles Murphy

(AP Photo/Stew Milne)
This is a great scenario for the Falcons, who need help along the entire defensive front, and have multiple options from the same program that could fill that need in different ways. We’ll have them go with the edge player in Murphy, giving them a complete defender who can anchor against the run as well as rush the passer.
9. New England Patriots (from CAR)* | Northwestern OT Peter Skoronski

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
With all four of this year’s top quarterback prospects already off the board, the Panthers take a couple of mid-round picks from the Pats to move down five spots to regroup. New England fills their biggest need with this year’s most pro-ready offensive line prospect, jumping ahead of multiple teams that could be targeting a versatile, plug-and-play blocker like Skoronski.
10. Philadelphia Eagles (from NO) | Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
After landing a top-10 pick from last year’s draft-day deal with the Saints, the Eagles get to fill their biggest need with the top prospect at the position in this year’s class. Witherspoon checks every box from a physical standpoint, and his film shows a polished cover man ready to make an immediate impact from Day 1.
11. Tennessee Titans | Ohio State OT Paris Johnson Jr.

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
This offensive line desperately needs help, both inside and out. With Skoronski off the board, the Titans opt for a battle-tested prospect who has played both tackle spots as well as guard, all with a track record of success against top competition.
12. Houston Texans (from CLE) | TCU WR Quentin Johnston

(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
After landing this year’s top quarterback prospect at No. 2, the Texans grab the best pass-catcher in this year’s draft to help him out. Even with a new head coach in DeMeco Ryans who comes from a defensive background, Houston could still give Bryce Young a massive target with tons of length, athleticism and big-play ability.
13. Washington Commanders (from NYJ)* | Oregon CB Christian Gonzalez

(AP Photo/Young Kwak)
The Jets’ biggest need is offensive tackle, but with both Skoronski and Johnson already off the board, they take a mid-round pick from Washington to move down a few spots and get better value. The Commanders know the Panthers might be targeting a top corner at No. 14, so they jump ahead to grab this Colorado transfer with and elite combination of size, length, and ball skills.
14. Carolina Panthers (from NE)* | Penn State CB Joey Porter Jr.

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
After trading back and adding some extra picks, the Panthers are still able to address a big need on defense with a perfect fit, and get better value in the process. Porter has the same kind of size/length/physicality combo that made Carolina spend a top-10 pick on Jaycee Horn two years ago, and they’d make a dominant tandem.
15. Green Bay Packers | Iowa DL Lukas Van Ness

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
It’s easy to keep mocking pass-catchers here, but at some point, we’ve got to realize the Packers tend to prioritize other positions in the first round, particularly on the other side of the ball. Van Ness is a versatile defender who can line up all over the trenches, with impressive physical traits that give him a sky-high ceiling.
16. New York Jets (from WAS)* | Georgia OT Broderick Jones

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
After sliding back a few spots, the Jets are able to get better value while filling their biggest need at offensive tackle. Jones has a great blend of athleticism, physicality, and polished technique, and would bring plenty of championship experience to a promising roster.
17. Pittsburgh Steelers | Georgia CB Kelee Ringo

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Offensive tackle is the bigger need, but the value’s just not there in this scenario, and this Steelers regime just don’t spend first-round picks at that position. They do invest in corners from powerhouse programs who bring the kinds of physical tools that Ringo does to the table.
18. Detroit Lions | Alabama DB Brian Branch

EV batteries improving

This EV battery can travel over 750 miles on a single charge: ‘Fundamentally reinvent the battery’​

Story by Laurelle Stelle • 8h ago

The Gemini battery from manufacturer Our Next Energy (ONE) promises to give electric vehicles a greater range than ever before.

In a December 2021 road test, ONE’s first Gemini prototype was able to power a Tesla Model S for an incredible 752 miles across Michigan on a single charge, according to the company’s website.

A third party validated the impressive results using a vehicle dynamometer.
Cars that rely on electricity offer numerous benefits. They’re quieter than traditional combustion engine models, they’re convenient to charge at an at-home EV charging station, and they don’t produce any exhaust fumes that contribute to air pollution.

Related video: Center May Not Set Standards For Battery Sizes: Govt Sources | Newscenter | CNBC-TV18 (CNBCTV18)
The safety and performance standards will first get mandated for two
Loaded: 100.00%

Center May Not Set Standards For Battery Sizes: Govt Sources | Newscenter | CNBC-TV18

However, it’s been difficult to drive long distances in an EV because the batteries could only hold a limited electrical charge, and charging stations were difficult to find on the road.

2023 Medicare Insurance Plans - Find Rates in Your Area

These problems stopped some potential users from making the switch to electric despite all the benefits.

Now, as more advanced batteries like Gemini hit the market and charging stations become more common, the range of EVs has increased dramatically, making it easier than ever to choose to invest in an EV. The more that people switch to EVs, the quieter our roads and cleaner our air will be.

Besides being more efficient, Gemini is more environmentally friendly to produce than past EV batteries. According to ONE, it uses almost 20% less lithium than earlier models, and 60% less graphite, so it takes less mining to produce each battery. Reduced mining activity means reduced pollution.

If you’re interested in an EV with Gemini, watch for upcoming changes to the iX electric SUV from BMW. ONE announced that the iX with Gemini is expected to roll out soon with an estimated range of 965 kilometers, or almost 600 miles.

Baris Guzel, a partner at BMW i Ventures, is optimistic about the partnership, saying, “Our Next Energy is working to fundamentally reinvent the battery while focusing on sustainability, safety, and cost; three key factors which will help speed the development and adoption of battery electric vehicles.”

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This EV battery can travel over 750 miles on a single charge: ‘Fundamentally reinvent the battery’ first appeared on The Cool Down.

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